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15 different ways to make Turkey Cookies the kids will Gobble Up

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Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and I have rounded up some of my favorite Turkey Cookie Ideas to share with you just in time. I am amazed at how many ways you can make a Turkey Cookie and some of which I had never seen before. So get ready to be inspired with some ideas that would be perfect for your Fall Thanksgiving Party or your Thanksgiving Day dessert table for the kids.

Ok of course us adults will like them too, kids are always just a good excuse to make Cookies and turn them into Turkeys. The other fun part about Turkey Cookies is that if you are able this can be turned into a fun activity for the kids to do. I do this a lot at our holiday parties with the kids. I set up all the goodies with a Sample Cookie or Cupcake and I let them make their own. So keep that in mind as well – the kids love to make them as much as they love to eat them.

So I have gathered 15 different Turkey Cookie Ideas and I will call them the best of the best. They are all easy to make and I have added a link for each of them so you can see the directions too. Just click the purple word links and see how they are made. I wish I can take credit for them all, but I cannot and that is OK because I love nothing more than creative people.  So come on and let me show you all the Yummy Turkeys creations I have found………….

1. Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops – Now this is one I can take credit for since these were my creation. They are simple to make with Chocolate and a Nutter Butter Cookie on a Stick – I think everything tastes better on a stick.

2. Oreo Turkey Cookies – I like these Turkeys, but Oreos are also my favorite cookie of all time. I could skip dinner and just eat these. Just sayin’

3. Handprint Turkey Cookies – These Handprint Turkeys are very cool and I think I really like the Chocolate coating for added sweetness.

4. Candy Corn Turkey Cookies – Simple Sugar Cookies turned Turkey just using a few simple treats – like Candy Corn – YUM

5. Flock of Turkeys Cookies – There are two different styles of Turkeys Cookies in this Flock – some made with Cookies and Marshmallow Pinwheels and the others using Ritz Crackers and Oreos – How cute are they?

6. Fudge Stripe Turkey Cookies – What a delicious combo of Chocolate Covered Cherry Bodies paired up with Fudge Stripe Cookies and a Candy Corn Beak.

7. Handprint Turkey Cookies – What I love about these Handprints is that the print is that of your child and not a cookie cutter. That really gets them into the creating process huh? I think they are super cute !!!

8. Colored Handprint Turkey Cookies – These guys are all decorated with the colors of a Turkey using a Sweet Cookie Glaze.

9. Marshmallow Pinwheel Turkey Cookies – This is a different take on the Fudge Striped Cookie Turkeys above and I like the way it was done – Super Simple and Cute Cute Cute !!!

10. Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie – This Turkey Cookie is full of so many great treats, Nutter Butter Cookie, Chocolate Wafers, M&Ms, Reese Peanut Butter Cup and Jelly Beans – Wow all of that in one Turkey Cookie – this may be what I have to make this year – lol.

11. Pizzelle Turkey Cookie – I happen to love this one using a Pizzelle Cookie as the Feathers. I think this is so creative  – I love love love it !!!

12. Oreo Turkey Cookies – I love these guys which also use an Oreo Cookie combined with Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Candy Corn. This kids love this one too.

13. Graham Cracker Turkey Cookies – Thsi Turkey Cookie is so different using a Graham Cracker stand and am Orange Gumdrop body. I love all the creativity. So many SWEET Turkeys out there.

14. Pillsbury Turkey Cookies – This cookies is great taking the slice and bake Pillsbury Turkey Cookies and kicking them up a notch with some M&M Feathers – who would have thought.

15. Handprint Turkey Cookie Place Settings – How great would these Turkey Cookies look on your Thanksgiving day Table with all your guests name on them? I really like this idea – don’t you?

Well that concludes my Turkey Cookie Roundup.  I hope you are as inspired by the many creative ways you can create Turkey Cookies and I apologize if you are now confused by all the great ideas I have shared here. I could not help myself.

If you have some Turkey Cookies that you would like me to share Here – just contact me and I would be happy to add them on.

Otherwise get baking and watch your party guests Gobble up these Fall Treats and Have fun !!!



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  1. What a wonderful array of turkeys! I hope you will link this post to my Thanksgiving Traditions link up!

  2. Amanda says:

    My 5 year old has been begging to make turkey cookies – now I need to see if I have any of the supplies in our pantry!

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