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18 Inch Tall Plush Zhu Zhu Pets – Perfect for Bedtime Hugs

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I just recently wrote about the New Zhu Zhu Pets Micro Plush Collection, which are 3″ Plush Zhu Zhu Pets. Well now I have to tell you about the 18 Inch Plush Zhu Zhu Pets that have hit the market. More over Teddy Bears and make room for this absolutely adorable line of Plush Zhu Zhu Pets that the kids will love to Hug.

Look how adorable the 18″ Plush Jilly is – She is actually the 1st one to be released with lots more of her Zhu Zhu friends to follow.

Now these 18″ Plush Zhu Zhu Pets are quiet little Hamsters that will not make any noise – so they are perfect for the kids to bring to bed at night and snuggle to sleep. Awww.

While I have your attention let me also tell you that you can also find 6″ Plush Mini Zhu Zhu Pets as well. Yup – that is right there is an entire line of 6″  Zhu Zhu Pets too. These Mini Plush Zhu Zhu Pets do make some fun sounds when your Squeeze their bellies.

There is pretty much a Plush Zhu Zhu Pet in a size for everyone.

So let me Re-Cap so you are not confused by this influx of New Plush Zhu Zhu Pets now available:

  • Micro Zhu Zhu Pets – They are 3″ Plush Zhu Zhu Pets that make noises when Squeezed
  • Mini Zhu Zhu Pets – They are 6″ Plush Zhu Zhu Pets that also make noise when Squeezed
  • Mega Zhu Zhu Pets – They are 18″ Plush Zhu Zhu Pets that are great Huggable friends that DO NOT make noise

Well I hope that clears that up and helps those parents out there who has kids that just adore Zhu Zhu Pets. What will Cepia bring us next? Hmmmmm

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