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New 2013 Monster High Costumes

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monster high costumes new 2013Have you seen the 2013 Monster High Costumes

yet? For the past few years they have added new characters to the costume line and updated the old ones to keep it fresh.

I am not surprised that Monster High is still going strong and continues to gather new fans. Girls just love this group of ghoulish characters and all the products that have been created to go along with it.

I also love the fact that they are keeping it fresh and every year seem to add to the Monster High Costume line bringing some new characters the kids can dress up as as well as adding some new ones to the mix every Halloween. Bravo marketing department is all I can say, but the kids love it – so job well done.

monster high costumes new 2013So what are some of the new additions to the Monster High Costumes

this year? I am gonna tell ya!!

Pictured from left to right in the photo above:

Skelita Calaveras Monster High Costume (my personal favorite)

Spectra Vondergeist Monster High Costume

Abbey Bominable Monster High Costume

Rochelle Goyle Scaris Monster High Costume

Twyla Monster High Costume

Howleen Monster High Costume

Operetta Monster High Costume

Jinafire Monster High Costume (not pictured)

So with all of these costumes plus all the other Monster High Costumes in older styles and revamped for 2013 – you can see by this if your daughter wants to dress up as one of the ghouls there is definitely no shortage of choices.

I love it!!! I am still a big fan of Monster High myself – lol.

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