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5 Adorable Ladybug Costumes

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Girls love to dress up as Ladybugs so I wanted to share with you 5 Adorable Ladybug Costumes that I think they will love.

I ♥LOVE Ladybugs and always have, they are just one of those bugs that are so sweet and cute.  Girls are not usually big fans of bugs, but Ladybugs are different.

I remember as a child being told that the number of spots a Ladybug has tells how old it is and when I found one I would sit and count them. Unfortunately I came to find out later in life that is not true since a Ladybug only lives for about a year. Oh well – I still had fun doing it. Now when I find one I feel they bring me luck and smile to think all the time I spent counting those spots.

Being there are lots of little girls out there who want to dress up as a Ladybug I wanted to share with you some of my personal favorite Ladybug Costumes – so here are 5 Adorable Ladybug Costumes I have found:

Now how cute is this Huggable Ladybug Costume

? I think my favorite part of this one has to be the headpiece with the big Flower. Oh and the wings are detachable.

This Lil Ladybug Costume

is beyond SWEET. It is actually a Romper and has big foam Wings. But look at that Headband with the curly Antennae and Bow – Awwww.

These Ladybug Costumes

are by Fun World and I am counting them as one of my five. I must say I am really in love with the Jumpsuit Ladybug – I have never seen one like that and boy does that look cozy and warm for a cold Halloween night.

What I love about this Ladybug Costume

is the sparkle. The Wings have Red Glitter around the spots and I also love the Sparkly Feathery Puffs that are on the Antennae, Shoes, Wand and Neckline. ♥♥♥

This Ladybug Costume makes my list because it is different. I love the sheer dress and all the spots and areas in black are black sequins to give it some sparkle. This really is an extra Sweet one – don’t ya think?

So that concludes my 5 Adorable Ladybug Costumes.  There are so many out there so not to worry if you do not like my choices, which would be crazy – lol.

Always be sure to look on EBay

for some unique Ladybug Costumes and even used ones to save money. Another great place to check out for some Homemade Ladybug Costumes is on Etsy.

And as I always say – Costumes are not just for Halloween either – kids love to play dress up year round. Also if you are planning a Ladybug Birthday Party there would be nothing cuter than having the guest of honor dress up as a Ladybug to greet the party guests.

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