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5 Very Cool Laser Tag Birthday Party Invitations

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Are you planning a Laser Tag Birthday Party for your child, but do not like the party invitations included in your party package? If so I am going to show 5 of my personal favorite Laser Tag Party Invitations that would be perfect.

Laser Tag Birthday Parties are very popular with the kids especially with the Boys. Having a son myself I know since he has been invited to many of them. He has also had his own Laser Tag Birthday Party many years ago as well.

One of the things usually included with the Laser Tag Party Package deals is some printable Party Invitations. I think that is great, but the only problem is that a lot of the times they are less than desirable.  I know if you are like me you want something different than the basic and maybe even something personalized.

So I am going to share with you 5 Very Cool Laser Tag Party Invitations that I have found, Here I go…….

I love the colors on this one don’t you? This is available from EBay Seller: Maggies Invitations


This one is fun with the Laser Gun and more sophisticated approach. Available from Retro Whimsy Designs.

I really love the look of this one too, very unique. Available from BeeYond Paper.

I love this design and how it is available for both Boys & Girls. Available again from Retro Whimsy Designs.

Kids love VIP passes and these they can wear to the party and feel extra cool. Available from Ebay Seller Event Wrapper


Some other fun ideas you can do for your Laser Tag Party to kick it up a notch is to have some Glow in the Dark Face & Body Paint.

. This is a lot of fun especially if you are breaking the party guests into teams. Have different colors for each team and put some cool designs on their faces that will glow under the black lights in the Laser Tag area – kids love that !!! Or just let them create their own looks by giving them each their own set that they can also take home as part of their party favors.

And of course Glow Necklaces & Bracelets

are a lot of fun too. They are now available in so many cool colors & shapes and they even have reusable ones which again makes a great party favor for the kids to take home from the party.


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