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50 Feet of Homemade Slip n Slide Fun

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Do your kids love the Slip n Slide, but have outgrown the ones you can buy in the store? If so not to worry because you can make a Homemade Slip n Slide that is fun for all ages.

My kids love Slip n Slides and we have had one almost every summer, BUT they are much bigger now and the store bought ones just do not cut it anymore.  So this year I promised I would make them one that would hold up and be extra long and this past 4th of July I kept that promise.

Creating this Homemade Slip n Slide was beyond EASY and it was also not too bad on the wallet either.  It may be a bit more money than the toys ones, but it is reusable and worth every cent spent. Major Summertime Fun right here !!

Check it out……

So here is what I used to make my Homemade Slip n Slide:

So I went to my local Ace Hardware Store and picked up a Roll of Extra Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting. I chose the one that was 6 mil which is the thickness of the plastic – just by touch I knew this would be plenty and hold up well. My Roll was 10 ft x 25 ft and cost me $29.99. You can find this plastic is many sizes and lengths and will depend on how long and how wide you would want to make it.

I also picked up 2 packages of Fabric Pegs – which are just plastic pegs that would stick through the Slide and into the ground to hold it in place.

Now originally when I bought the Plastic Sheeting I was so excited that it would be double wide for 2 to go down it together and at the time I thought 25′ was long. Well when my hubby unrolled it onto the lawn 25′ did not look long at all – What was I thinking? So we fixed that by cutting it in half to make it 50′ Feet long and now we were back  in business.

So our Slip n Slide was 5′ wide by 50′ feet long – now that was awesome !!!

After we put the Plastic Sheeting on the lawn we then added some of the Fabric Pegs in where needed to hold it down. Then we got out the hose and wet down the entire slide and then placed it at the top so that it ran down the slide to keep it wet.

In addition to the water we added on some Dish Soap to make the Slip n Slide that much more fun and the kids got all cleaned at the same time – Double Bonus (lol) !! Just be sure to warn the kids so they do not get too much in their eyes.

The kids all dipped in the Pool to wet themselves down first and then off they went. I am not sure which was more fun watching them slide down this thing like rockets or actually going down it – the kids would definitely say Going Down !!

 Here are some action shots and I am happy to report no major injuries – just some minor Bumps and Bruises, but none of them complained. They had sooo much fun with this and I have dried it off rolled it up and will take it back out for my daughter’s upcoming party.

So if your kids are too big for the other Slip n Slides – make your own, or make one anyway. It will last longer and you can make it to be any size you want, gotta love that !!

So at your next backyard Summer Party for the kids you will definitely have to try this !!


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  1. Chelsea says:

    HI! We did this at my camp too! But we used Johnsons baby shampoo instead of soap to prevent soap in the eye pain. We also added a few tubes to the mix and they went down the slide on the tubes cutting out the rug burn they tended to get.

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