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7 Fun ways you can use Conversation Hearts this Valentine’s Day

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I wanted to share with you 7 Fun ways you can use Conversation Hearts this Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of uses for these sweet little candies besides eating them and here you will find some of my favorites.

Valentine’s Day would just not be the same without Conversation Hearts – they are a Valentine Candy Icon. Personally I love to eat them, but not everybody does. That is OK cause you can use them for lots of other things too and I am am excited to show you some that I have found and loved out in the Cyber World.

Are you ready? OK lets go…..

I wrote this one last year that shows some Conversation Heart Party Games you can play with the kids. Yes playing with your food is allowed – lol.

Love this Conversation Heart Picture made by stacking conversation heart candy and then it is sealed so you can display every year. Fun for the kids to make too !!

Cute factor overload with these Sweetheart Soda Pop’s !! How fun would those be as Valentine’s Day Party Favors?

How about welcoming your guests into your home with this Conversation Heart Wreath. I think I have to make one of these myself.

Check out this Conversation Heart Topiary that would make a great Valentine’s Day Party centerpiece or decoration in your home.

How about taking an old frame and converting it to a Conversation Heart Frame with a picture of the ones you love in it? Any shape frame will work for this project.

Making some wearable Conversational Heart Jewelry is fun. Just glue your conversation heart candy onto earrings, necklaces, rings, barrettes etc… Make sure to seal it so you can wear it year after year. Great Party activity for the kids too !!

So what do you think you will create?


2 Responses to “7 Fun ways you can use Conversation Hearts this Valentine’s Day”
  1. What great ideas. And conversation hearts are so cheap you could easily do all 7 ideas!

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