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8″ Stuff a Cat Birthday Party Photos Makinze Happy Birthday !!

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The Party Animal wants to make a Shout out to:


Happy Birthday !!

picture-025Makinze had a Cat Themed Birthday Party using the 8″ Stuff a Plush Striped Cats. They also played Cat Games, Made collars for them and ate Cat Themed Party Food. My favorite part – with my suggestion, each of the children attending the party brought a donation for Makinze to bring to the local animal shelter for the homeless cats. So thanks to Makinze and her Cat Birthday Party – she has made a difference in some Feline Lives – Way to go!!

Here is what her Mom had to Say:

EVERYONE loved the cats!  They were so much fun…however it was a beautiful day outside, so it was pretty stiff competition after having 3” of snow here yesterday!  It was almost HOT out there today!  Everyone took their cat (of course with name tag collar) and played outside.  Thank you so much!  The kids loved them and so did we!  There are only 2 left—so really glad that I ordered a few extras!  If the two that I thought were going to come would’ve gotten here…we’d have used them all!

We also collected probably 15 bags of cat food for the local shelter!  YEAH!!  Everyone loved that idea, thanks again!

Thanks again for a great party!  Especially with the crazy weather…snow one day—sunny & hot the next!


A Purr-Fect Birthday Party Cake

The Kids Having Fun Stuffing


8" Stuffable Striped Cat

8″ Stuffable Striped Cat

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