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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Invitations

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With the new release of the Alice in Wonderland Movie starring Johnny Depp you may find your kids asking to have this theme for their Birthday Party. Our friends at Macdesigns have created some really great Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

that are based on this new movie with many designs and styles to choose from.

One of the design choices are the Alice in Wonderland Ticket Style Invitations. These invitations are designed to look just like a movie ticket, but with all of your party information added on to personalize them.  You can also opt to have detachable stubs just like the ones you get when you go to the theater. In addition to that all their invitations are fully customizable with any Background, Font and Wording. It gets better they also give you the option of printing them at home after they design them for you or shipping them to your home. I love all those options. I also personally love the invite featuring Cheshire Cat – what a fun devious little smile.

The next style they offer are Alice and Wonderland VIP Pass Invitations

which are also a lot of fun.  Again they offer many different design choices, I happened to like the Rabbit – he is always so concerned about being late and I think he makes a great choice for a party invitation. Now these VIP pass invites are 2 sided and are completely customizable and they come in a plastic badge holder the kids can wear around their necks when they come to the party. VIP stand for Very Important Person ya know and having one of these will definitely make them feel that way and they are also a nice party keepsake as well.

The next style Macdesigns offers is the Alice in Wonderland Photo Invitation

and this one allows your guest of honor to be featured in the party. All you do is send them a photo of your child and they will add them to the invite FREE of charge. Now how cool is that? With this one you also have the option to print from home or have it delivered to you in the mail. I really like this choice.

But wait there is more…  How about a SWEET Alice in Wonderland Personalized Party Favor Candy Bar Wrapper? This is perfect for your Movie Themed Birthday Party.  Again these Candy Bar Wrappers are completely personalized with all your information and you can even add a photo of your child on the back of the wrapper.  You again also have the option to print yourself or have them mailed to you. These wrappers will fit on any standard Hershey Bar perfectly. Now that is one SWEET Party Favor or treat to have out on the table at the party.

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8 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Invitations”
  1. Arabella Pyziak says:

    Hi I’m really interested in the Alice in Wonderland invitations and I was wondering how to go about making them? Thanks so much!

  2. I made mine using Photo Shop just by using images I found on the internet and then adding on my party information. It did take some time, but if you are familiar with any of the Photo Editing programs you should have no problem creating them. Otherwise I have shared a few links to some sellers who make them and they also look great. IF I can help in any way let me know ;0)

  3. DesignDream says:

    I have Alice in Wonderland custom photo invitation Here is the link to my etsy store

  4. Great Invitations – you have a very unique selection parents will love. Thanks for sharing.

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