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Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Party Craft

June 14, 2010 by  
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If you are planning an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party than I have a great Party Craft Idea the kids will love to do.  How about letting them
Design their very own Tea Cup
? Now you cannot drink from these Tea Cups, but they can be used for a Planter, Jewelry Holder, Display in their rooms etc…

Each Ceramic Tea Cup is 2½″ tall and 4½″ Wide, Saucer is 6″ Wide and they are Unfinished Ceramic.

The Kids can paint them using Paint and then when Dry just spray some Clear Finish on them to seal it on. You can also allow them to use Permanent Markers.  This is definitely a Fun Craft and perfect for an Alice in Wonderland Party Theme.

And even better it will also double as your Party Favor – Love that !!! Did I also mention that they are very Budget Friendly? If not then let me tell you they are – Double Bonus !!

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