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Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Looking to change up your Easter Egg Hunt this year for the kids? There are many Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas you can do to bring something fresh and fun. So this Easter why not add a twist and I am going to give you some ideas for that right here.

Personally I get tired of the same ol’ thing year after year and as my kids got older I started to change up the hunts to bring something new. Easter Egg Hunts are still a tradition every year with my kids, nieces and nephews and I am not ready to give them up (notice I said “I” lol). I am also not a fan of so much Candy either, so anytime we can limit it I am all about that. There is always so much still left over from Halloween and then Easter comes and there is even more added to the mix. In addition to that each of the kids are picky as to what they like and not like so it was just getting to be too much filling those eggs to make everyone happy.

We usually have about a Hundred+ Eggs each year, but lucky for me I am not the only one who fills them. My sister in laws does as well. We each are in charge of a large batch to cut things down a bit and I tell her what the hunt plans are each year so we are on the same page.

So a few years back we started changing things up a bit. For one Easter Egg Hunt what I did was take 6 Plastic Easter Eggs and write the letters to spell out EASTER. I made one set for each of the kids. I then had enough prizes for each of them set aside – we had 4 kids so 4 prizes, all different and worth different values. Then there were tons of other Solid Colored Easter Eggs that had some special Candies and Money in them that my sister in law wanted to fill.  We mixed them all up and hid them in the yard.

On go the hunt was on… each of them had to find all the eggs to spell out EASTER and line them up in a designated area. They could only bring back one lettered egg at a time. The first one to spell it out had first dibs at the prizes and so on down the line. The kids had fun and it added another fun element to collecting those eggs.

Another year it was all about their names. I created each of the kids there Egg collecting bags with their name on them with glitter and bling – I love Bling. Then each of them had a special Easter Egg they had to find that also had there name and it was all blinged up as well. They got to cash that special egg in for a prize. I also had Eggs in the mix with the first letter of their names out there too.

They had lots of eggs to find this year since all the cousins were together – so 3x the Eggs that year for the kids. But again this just added another element of fun and slows them down when picking up all those Eggs – it is was a hunt for their special egg. And no one gave up the location of each others special egg either !!!

Last year my sister in law and I decided to ditch the candy all together since they had more than enough in their Easter Baskets. So I came up with the idea of 4 Prizes, since it was just 4 kids. My Sister in law and I pooled together some cash which we would normally spend on the Candy anyway. I made up 4 Bags numbered 1, 2, 3 & 4. Each had cash in them it went $20, $15, $10 & $5. We then each stuffed our Eggs with pieces of paper that had numbers on them 1, 2 or 3 and some had a Dud on it just for fun. So on “Go” they ran and collected as many eggs as they could.

Then they opened them all up and added up their totals and we gave out the bags for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place.  Believe it or not they did not miss the candy one bit and were very happy with the cold hard cash !!!

This year of course I will do something different yet again, but I am still working on coming up with my idea and will post it after Easter. I am thinking a Scavenger Egg Hunt with clues and puzzles since they are older now and it would be more challenging.

There are so many ways you can change up your Easter Egg Hunts. If you have done an Alternative Easter Egg Hunt I would love to hear about it and add it here for parents to see. So Contact Me and let me know.

So this year Change things up a bit and have fun!!

Ideas from my Readers:

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt sent in by Ann – Last year we started a “FLASHLIGHT EASTER EGG HUNT”. We had each family donate $10 (broken into dollars and change) and also bring a bag of candy and plastic eggs. They also had to bring small flashlights. We filled all the eggs and hid them in the yard. Once the sun went down the hunt began. It was such a success we’ve decided to keep the hunt this way every year.


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