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American Girl Doll Party Crafts

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If you are planning an American Girl Doll Party then you may be interested in knowing that there are plenty of American Girl Crafts available that would make a great party activity for the kids.

My daughter just got an American Girl Doll last Christmas from her Grandparents, but my nieces have had them for years. My daughter’s friends all have them as well and even at 11 years old they really seem to love these dolls. The only reason my daughter never had one sooner is because I am not a fan of Blinky eye dolls (Yes I have issues – lol), but I caved and I actually do not mind the eyes so much on her doll. She loves it and I guess that is all that matters and I do love giving her hair-dos !!

I was amazed to recently discover all the adorable American Girl Craft Kits on the market for girls ages 8-12.  No joke there are tons of them out there. The line’s designs and educational content inspire creativity and include paper crafts, tools, and step-by-step kits to make jewelry, sewing crafts, wearables and more. There are so many to choose from and there is something for every budget that these make the perfect Craft/Party Activity for your American Girl Doll Birthday Party and will also double as your Party Favors.

When choosing your American Girl Craft Kit for the party keep a few things in mind such as; Ages of the guests, Time it takes to complete craft, Craft difficulty etc…  Try and choose something that will be easy for them to create with minimum help so that they can enjoy doing it.

Oh and one more thing – They have finally released New American Girl Doll Party Supplies that will match an American Girl Craft Party !!!

Here is my Mini Me with her very 1st American Girl Doll she named “Amelia”

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