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Angel Handprint Craft

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295I love to craft with the kids and I am lucky to have my own craft room to do it in. Last Christmas I had my niece over and her and my daughter wanted to make a craft. So on a whim I decided we would make Angel Handprint Magnets for Nana. My Mother in Law loves Angels and of course also loves anything her grandkids make for her. I am also a fan of doing crafts with Handprints, because it is always fun to look back and see how much the kids have grown.

These are so simple to make. the kids love to do it and they make great keepsakes. So let me show you how you can make some with your kids too.

Here is What you will Need:

  • Paper – I used heavier stock white paper, but you can use construction paper, foam sheets etc…
  • Scissors
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Pipe Cleaners – I like the metallic type, just because they add extra sparkle
  • Glue Stick and Regular White Glue
  • Adhesive Magnetic Strips – to add to the back when finished
  • Sprakly Glitter Glue

Angel Handprint CraftFirst get your self some willing participants and I am sure that will not be hard to do. I then cut out the Angel Body shape from the paper. It does not have to perfect – just shape it like a triangle with smoother edges.  I then let the girls color this any way they wanted to. It is always fun to watch their creativity and color choices. The girls decided they would add their initial on the body so Nana knew which one belonged to which.  On the paper I had them each trace their hands. I then drew a circle to their paper so they can design their head. They then went onto to coloring all of that in.

Angel Handprint CraftAngel Handprint Craft

When they were done coloring their Faces and Handprints I had them cut them all out. When that was done we glued the Handprints and the Head they created onto the Angel’s Body using the Glue Stick.  I then cut a small piece of the Pipe Cleaner twisted a circle for the Angel’s Halo and left just a tiny piece at the bottom so we could glue that behind the Angel’s Head using the White Glue. They are Angel’s and a Halo is a must.  We then had to let that all dry.

14When the Angel was all dry I took some of the Sprakly Glitter Glue with a paint brush and carefully brushed some onto the whole Angel – wings and all. I am big fan of making things Sprakle and I use Glitter Glue for everything. I use the Glitter Glues because the Glitter is never loose and I love the effect it gives. I own almost ever color, but I tend to use the Crystal the most – I just love the Iridescent Color.  That is what I used on these. Just be careful if they were colored in marker to lightly apply to avoid having the marker color run when it is wet from the Glitter Glue.

When that is all dry you can then turn it over and add your Adhesive Magnetic Tape strips to the back.  Make sure you add enough to different sections of your Angel so it will no flop when placed on your refrigerator.  The Wings will curl a bit and that is what you want – it makes it look even more special. So there you have it a quick project you can do with your Kids, Classroom or Scout Troop. They make great gifts for loved ones and Nana loved them as we knew she would when the girls gave them to her. They are still on her refrigerator to this day.

Here are both of their Angel Handprint Crafts side by side:



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  1. Linette says:

    Kids handprint crafts are my favorite:-) I love them all, and they make such great keepsakes of little hands.

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