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Animal Favor Bags the Kids can Color

January 25, 2010 by  
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I just came across these adorable Color Your Own Zoo Animal Bags that I think would be a perfect activity for the kids at your Birthday Party. One of my Birthday Party Planning Tips is to have an activity set up as the kids arrive to the party since kids never arrive at the same time. Having an activity will give the kids something to keep occupied vs. running around your home.

This is one activity I usually always recommend – decorating gift bags that you will use for the Party Favors or a Pinata later in the party. It is something you will probably have at the party anyway – so why not turn it into an activity for a Double Purpose  – I love that.

Before the party write each guests name on the bags and have them by the door. As each guest comes in hand them their bag and direct them to the designated coloring area. By having these at the door also helps you to know who you are still waiting to arrive.

  • Paper Bag is 9″ tall, 7½″ wide and 3½″ deep.
  • Safari animal design with lion, tiger, monkey, giraffe, zebra and elephant on bag.
  • Assorted color handles.
    If the kids are young I recommend using Crayons vs. Markers to avoid a mess on either your table or all over the kids. You can even get a pack of matching Zoo Animal Crayons and have them in the bag prior to the party so as they sit they can take out their own crayons. When the guests all arrive and you are ready to get started they can stick their crayons in the bags and take them home as a Party Favor.

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