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Animal Shaped Cake Pan – Animal Crackers

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Animal Crackers Cake Pan

Animal Crackers Cake Pan

Now anyone can make a beautiful cake to go along with your Animal Theme Party with his very cool Animal Shaped Cake Pan. It makes it fun to create your own designs using your own colors and candy touches to make the prefect cake and best of all – you can say “I did it”. Cutting out shapes from a sheet cake is the thing of the past.

First let me start off by telling you about my favorite Re-Usable called Animal Crackers. I love this one because it is one pan that can be used to design many different animals. Create a Cat, Dog, Giraffe, Panda, Monkey and more… Use Your Imagination to Create Other Cake Shapes. The creations are endless. Photos and instructions that are included with the cake pan are only for the Panda Bear, Pig, Giraffe and Cat. Instructions for the other decorated animal cakes, refer to The Cake Scrapbook on the home page of The Party Works site.

The Party Works has a HUGE selection of Cake Pans, Edible Sugar Shapes, Cake Decorating Supplies, Cupcake Kits, Edible Cake images, Lollipop Kits and so much more. They carry so many of the kids favorite characters and designs it makes it easy to save money and make great cakes and party treats right at home.

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