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Animated Airblown Halloween Decorations

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I am thinking fall already and Halloween Parties. I just came across these Animated Airblown Halloween Decorations that are perfect to decorate the outside of your home.  I think the inflatable Airblown items are awesome – I have some myself, but when they are animated and move it just kicks it up a notch and there are some new ones for our 2010 Halloween Season that are pretty SpooKy.

Whether you are just decorating for Halloween or Throwing a Halloween Party – these Animated Airblown Decorations are the perfect way to greet any guest coming to your home. So I am going to share with some of the ones I have found that I personally love.

Animated Airblown 3 Witches with CauldronThis is the one you see pictured above. Those witches are brewing up some spells in their Cauldron. Let these 3 Witches light up your lawn and maybe cast a spell or two on your guests.The Size of this one is 6′ high x 50″ wide – WoW.

Animated Airblown Vampire Rising from CoffinVampires are really scary to me, but what about when them rise out of their coffins? This one not only lights up, but that Vampire inside opens up his coffin and pops out. That Coffin he lays in is about 7′ Long. Ohhhh So Scary !!!

Airblown Animated Skull – This Skull measures over 5′ high x 5′ 9″ wide when inflated – that is scary all by itself.  BUT not only does it light up, but this skulls mouth opens and closes.  Oh and its eyes also move up and down. EEEEk.

Airblown Animated Black Cat – Now this is one on my shopping list for this year – it works for me since I have 5 Cats in my home. This Black Cat 6′ x 4′ when inflated and not only is it BIG, but its eyes light up as its head moves back and forth – Do you love that or what? I do and this one will be on my own lawn this year for sure.

There are so many great Airblown Halloween Decorations out there – those just happen to be some of my personal Favorites I wanted to share. I have many Airblown products in my own home from Holiday Decorations to my latest Airblown Movie Screen. I am a Big Fan and I love that you can have them for years and build your collection year to year.

I must say the funniest thing to me is when you drive around your neighborhood during the day and you see all of these deflated on peoples lawns – it looks like a slaughter happened. But them come night time everything is all good again. Cracks me up every year.

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