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Apple Turkey Craft doubles as Place Cards and Party Favors

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This is a fun craft for your Fall Party or Thanksgiving Day Table for the kids. These Apple Turkeys are perfect Place Cards for the table and will also double as a Party Favor for the kids. When I saw this idea in the Woman’s World Magazine I thought it would be adorable to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner to put on the kids plates.

This year Thanksgiving will be at my Mother in Laws house and we have four kids between mine and the cousins, so I created these last night and will bring them along for the Table. I think they cane out so cute and they were super easy to make. So let me show you how I created them Step by Step.

Here is What you will need to Create these Apple Turkeys:

  • Apples – Red Delicious will work best.
  • Peanuts
  • Scrapbooking paper in Fall Patterns
  • Glue Dots (Love these)
  • Orange Cardstock
  • Red Felt
  • Green Cardstock or Foam Sheet
  • Google Eyes
  • Scissors – Regular and Fun Edge

So here are all my goodies ready to go. Being I only had to make four Apple Turkeys I picked out 4 different scrapbook paper patterns for each of them.

To start I took my Orange Paper and cut out some Triangle Beaks. Then I cut out some Snoods from the Red Felt – I still laugh when I hear that word – Snood – I call it a Gobble Gobble, not sure why -lol.

Now gather all your Turkey Head Parts – Peanuts, Eyes, Beaks & Snoods. Then just assemble them on the Peanut using your Glue Dots. I have to say I love Glue Dots – They works really well and make no mess. Set those aside.

Now lets create the big Turkey Tail Feather from our Scrapbook Paper. Cut your Scrapbook Paper about 6″ Wide by 11″ or 12″ Long using your Fun Edged Scissors. Then start folding the paper into a Fan going back and forth. Set aside.

With the left over Scrapbook Paper cut out some Wings for your Turkey.

Now it is time to Assemble. Attach your Turkey Tail using Glue Dots to the back of the Apple. I used multiple Glue Dots and it worked and stayed nicely.

Now add a Wing to each side of the Apple. Cut out some Leaves from your Green Paper or Foam Sheet and write on the Child’s name. Then attach it by the stem using your Glue Dots. Now time to add the Turkey Head – Also using Glue Dots attach it to the front of the Apple and you are done!!! How cute is he?

So There you have it Apple Turkeys ready for our Thanksgiving Day Table !!! Now the kids will know where they sit – lol. Oh and they will also have a Healthy Treat they can enjoy Later – Double Bonus !!


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  1. AM says:

    always thought it was called a “Wattle” ??? who knew !!!

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