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You’re The Artist Cookie Party Favors

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This is a fun idea I just came across for a Birthday Party Favor. They are called You’re the Artist® Cookies from Splurge Bakery. They are cookies that feature a drawing your child draws and it is printed on top of each cookie and is completely edible. Reminds me of those plates where the kids draws the picture you send to the company and you get their artwork back on a plate and the kids are so excited. Only difference is you get to eat these!!! mmmmm

So How does it work? It is Simple:  Splurge Bakery has a printable template that you download and using any medium such as Markers, Crayons, Paint etc.. your child draws their very own picture and whatever is within the circle on the template will appear on the cookies. Then you have the option of mailing it back to them or you can scan it at a high resolution, 300 dpi, and email it to them as a jpeg file. If you already have a favorite drawing they can use that as well. Now how cool is that?

They also offer custom packaging as well and will individually wrap your cookies and tie them with ribbon of your choice or you can choose to have them in fun Tins and Boxes. There are lots of great options. Have I mentioned that they are BUDGET FRIENDLY? Yes they are!!!

I really think these would make the perfect party favor to send the kids home with vs bags full of candy and junk. In addition to that your child will be so proud to share their Artwork in such a Unique way.  My daughter is a little artist herself and I think she would even love to do this and give them to her friends in class for a special occasion. So many options for these and the limit as I always say is only your imagination.

So try something different and also see all the other fun Cookie Options Splurge Bakery has to offer – this is just a small sample, but one I really love and had to share.

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