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Ball-Gram Greeting – Send a Ball in the mail

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A long time ago I had seen these  Bouncy Ball Greetings you send in the mail  featured on one of the morning shows on TV and thought they were such a unique way to say “Happy Birthday”  instead of your normal everyday card.  One of the companies out there that sells these mailable greetings is Ball-Gram Greetings. The story behind Ball-Gram is about this guy who was a professional clown and he liked to send a gift to the birthday child before he performed. That is what he did. He would take a permanent marker and write special messages to the child. He started by mailing the balls in a box until he found out they could be sent through the mail as just the ball.  He later developed a way to send the ball without writing the name and address right on the ball (safety reasons) by using a clear mesh net and adding a matching postcard to hold the info. This is how they are mailed today.

smile face ball-gram

Can you imagine the face on a child or adult who receives a Ball in the mail. I know I would love it and it would no doubt make me smile getting that from my mailman. Hint Hint – lol.

The Ball-Gram Greetings are actual 9″ balls that have special messages on them for any occasion like – Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You, Get Well, New Baby, Just Because, Love etc..

i love you ball-gram

Then of course you choose some fun sentiments when ordering for the ball  like: Have a BALL on your Birthday, I hope your Birthday is Unbelieva-Ball, I hope you BOUNCE BACK real soon,  I have a BALL when I’m with you, You are so Hug-a-Ball, Have a BALL with your New Baby and many more,  you get the point.

This is a fun unique gift idea any would love to receive – they are affordable and shipping is FREE. So if you are looking for a fun unique way to send some fun – this is it!!!

Send a Ball-Gram for any occasion!

Update: It was brought to my attention that the company I saw on the TV show happened to be on the Today Show and also on CNBCs The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. The actual company that was featured and talked about  is SendaBall.  Ball-Gram started up after this company. Both have great products with the end result being the same – making someone smile.


6 Responses to “Ball-Gram Greeting – Send a Ball in the mail”
  1. Just saw your story about the balls in the mail – it was not the company that you listed in your story that was featured on the TODAY SHOW in January. It was the original person, The company you mentioned started their business after seeing sendaball on another tv appearance, probably CNBCs The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Just wanted you to know. Sendaball is run by a couple of ballsy sisters in Chicago who are Moms to 7 children between them and run the business from their garage.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Disgusting business… Ruined a surprise for my nephew. Bought a ball-gram, was charged and almost a month had gone by and my nephew still has not received his gift. I’ve emailed, called and have heard nothing. Complete scam of a company!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your experience and will share post this for others to see. I am sure it was a mix up and hope it got taken care of.

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