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How to Make Beach Cupcakes with Sun loving Teddy Grahams

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Looking for a Quick and Easy Cupcake idea for your summer parties? These Beach Cupcakes are incredibly EASY to create and the kids will love them.

Now let me start by saying that I have seen these Beach Cupcakes done many times and this is not a new design or obviously one I have come up with.  I will say that this is my very first time creating them and I just had to share. See my daughter was going to Vacation Bible School with her friend and the theme this year was the Beach. I wanted to send in a fun snack for the kids and these Beach Cupcakes were the first thing that popped into my mind. So I went with it because I always thought the idea was adorable.

Now I have to share with you truly how EASY these were to make because that is how I roll….

Here is what I used to create my Beach Cupcakes:

  • Vanilla Cake Mix
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Graham Crackers – Crushed up fine for sand
  • Teddy Grahams – I used Honey, but you can use Chocolate or the Cinnamon
  • Blue Food Coloring Gel
  • Lifesavers
  • Drink Umbrellas aka Drink Parasols
  • Airheads Extremes Sweet Sour Belts – for the Teddy Bears Towels
  • Red/White Striped Mint Balls

You can have so much fun with these and change up the candies to what you would like. I just had most of these items on hand so it worked for me. I also decided to use crushed Graham Crackers for the sand vs. Brown Sugar due to that always being too sweet.

Here are some pictures of how they were created…..

So I gathered my supplies and was ready to go. I made my Cake Mix and dyed it Blue – I thought it would be like the water. Then I crushed up my Graham Crackers – I could have made them even finer, but of course I wait until the last minute and my time was limited. Then I dyed my frosting Blue and waited for my Cupcakes too cool before assembly.

Next Frost your Cupcake Blue, then Dip 1/2 into the Graham Cracker Crumbs and you have your Water and your Beach. Then stick in your Umbrella and decorate away. It is that Simple !!! To have your Teddy Graham look like he is in the tube – just cut off his legs (I know harsh right) add some frosting as glue and stick him on top.

I have seen people give the Teddy Grahams Swimsuits and Sunglasses using icing others have used Fruit Stripe Gum as Towels and Beach Chairs. I have also seen Gummy Bears used instead of the Teddy Grahams – there are so many fun ways you can decorate these Cupcakes. So have FUN FUN FUN.

My daughter helped with adding all the decor and she had way to much fun. Best part was how proud she was to bring them to the church for all her friends – who LOVED them.

Come on – How cute are those? We made 12 of them and each one was different.

I am so glad I made these and maybe now you will be inspired to do the same !!!

Great for your Summertime Parties !!!

Enjoy !!

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