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Beamz Laser Beam Interactive Musical Instrument

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Have you heard of the Beamz Interactive Music System? This is a Laser based Musical Device that will play Musical Notes and Phrases when you break the beam with your hand. With the newest Model you can even play Musical Games. This has to be one of the coolest things I have seen is some time and I know when the kids see this they are going to flip.  Mine included. Who knew you could Play all the instruments in a band with just some Laser Beams and your Hands – Absolutely Amazing !!! I also love the fact that any age can play with this from a young child to an adult.

This can certainly be a lot of fun at your next Party too – Let everyone have their chance at being the DJ.

Here is a little of the Official Beamz Description:

With the Beamz interactive music system, you can arrange, create and play music like never before – everything is setup for you to to sound great no matter how you touch the lasers and play the light. The Beamz interactive music song library includes top hits, party favorites and original works from Grammy award winning artists. Beamz music encompasses all music styles and genres…rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, dance, hip hop, club…no one’s music interest is left behind. In each song up to 12 different instruments, music clips and sound effects are harmoniously paired with a background rhythm track – the beamz player software included with the Beamz (model C6) and the new Beamz Player (model C4) makes it easy for anyone to make great sounding music in minutes.

Here are the Beamz Products that are Available and Coming Soon:

  • The Beamz Interactive Music System (model C6)
  • Beamz Player (model C4) NEW
  • Beamz Professional (model C6-Pro)

You can find these at Amazon Here: Beamz Interactive Music Systems

Some of the newer Models will be released in the Fall 2010 – so Watch for them just in time for the Holiday Season.

Take a look at the Beamz Video to see it in action:

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