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How to Make Big Quench Glee Cupcakes

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Planning a Glee Birthday Party? If so then these Big Quench Glee Cupcakes would be a perfect addition and they are super easy to make. If you are a Gleek then you should know all about the Slushie Facials that are done to the Glee students.

But that will not happen with these because it is just a play off of that in Cupcake form and your party guests will love the reference and enjoy their Sweet Glee Treat !!

Now let me start off and give credit where it is due: I wish I can take the credit for these great Glee Cupcakes, but I cannot. These Cupcakes were created by Erin at A Bake Odyssey and she has granted me permission to share how to make them with you.  How nice is that? Now do take a moment and stop by her blog and take a look at all her other Sweet creations – it is no doubt a Mouth Watering Read !!

Now let me share with you how Easy these are to Create !!

Here is What you will Need to Make these Big Quench Glee Cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes – Vanilla or White Cupcakes
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Food Coloring Gel in Blue, Red & Purple
  • Colored Sugar in the same Colors
  • Red Twizzlers
  • 9 oz. Translucent Cups
  • FREE Printable Big Quench Cup Labels
  • Tape

First Bake and cool your Cupcakes. Then divide up your Frosting and add in your Coloring and mix well to get your desired colors. Frost your Cupcakes and then dip them into the matching Colored Sugar. Then take your 9 oz Cups and cut them down so that your cupcake will stick out of the top vs. falling into the cup. Then Wrap your cup with the FREE Printable Big Quench Cup Labels and add some tape to the back to secure them on.

Then Place your Cupcake into the cup and add in a Twizzler Straw to each of them. That is it !!!

Is that Simple or what?

If you are looking for additional ideas for your Party then stop by my post for everything you need here:

Glee Birthday Party Theme


14 Responses to “How to Make Big Quench Glee Cupcakes”
  1. These are great! Make extra to use as little treat cups, too! Shared them on our Facebook page-

  2. party bags says:

    Thanks for sharing this one. Many of us here are glee fanatics!

  3. BB says:

    Thank you so much i gotta say im a supper gleek i love it so making these i even loved how u gave the free printable labels so helpful just so happy thanks! THANK YA LOVE U PEOPLE!

  4. You are so welcome and I am glad u enjoyed them !!!! Go Glee !!!

  5. Maria says:

    Thank you so much for the labels! You made my life so much easier!!

  6. You are so VERY welcome !!!

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