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How to Make Bloody Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Yes I must say these are pretty gory cookies I made and they may look scary, but they are still quite Delicious. These Bloody Chocolate Chip Cookies would be a perfect treat for your Halloween Party, Twilight Party or a Vampire Party Theme. They are super easy to create and I am going to show you how right here, if you are not to scared to see.

So what made me make Bloody Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well I had seen them before and I happen to have all the items on hand and thought I would give it a try.

Most everybody loves Chocolate Chip Cookies and if you are planning a Halloween Party for the Kids they are an easy thing to make and display on the table for some extra fun. Yes they are kinda Gross looking, but that is the fun of them. Let me also say that I added a real Butcher Knife for my photo and obviously if I were serving these at a party I would not have a real Knife on the plate – silly!!! BUT I would definitely add a Fake Costume Knife for the effect – this way no one gets hurt especially the baker if the cookies are a bit over done – lol.

So here is all you need to create these Bloody Chocolate Chip Cookies:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies of course – I made mine from a Refrigerated Roll
  • Betty Crocker’s Red Cookie Icing

Yup that is it – OH and some Little Vampires who will enjoy them when they are done.

So start with Baking your Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cool them. Then get out your Betty Crocker Cookie Icing – Red of course.

Now take your Red Icing and start by going across the top of your cookie. Then make your blood drips going down in different lengths. There is no right or wrong here so have fun and make them each different. That is it – How easy is that? The Red Icing will harden while it sits so the cookies can be handled easily.

These Bloody Chocolate Chip Cookies can sit on a plate alone and still be scary, but when you add a Butcher Knife it just kicks it up a notch. Again my knife is real for photo purposes only – If you are serving these at a party use a Fake Costume Knife (like i really have to tell you that). I added a little extra Red Icing to the blade on a few drips on the plate to tie it all in.

To make sure they were not too scary for kids – I called in my own Little Vampire to try them out.

She said they were “Bloody Good Cookies”.

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