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Bowling Pin Sipper Bottle Birthday Party Favor

April 16, 2009 by  
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Having a Bowling Birthday Party? Here is a great BUDGET FRIENDLY Party Favor that the kids will love to go home with. It is a Bowling Pin Sipper Cup a 10″ bottle with straw holds 26 oz – now that is very cool.

All you do is add a little note tied on the bottle saying something like: “Thanks for coming to my party – I had a ball”. Now that is 100 times better than a bag full of candy isn’t it?

You could if you like add some goodies inside as well like stickers, healthy treats and little toys like Mini Bowling Kits (Finger Bowling). You can also write each child’s name on the pin with a permanent maker.

Remember my rule “KISS” Keeping It Simple Saves.

So send the kids home with this and they will thank you – so will their parents.

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