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Break the Ice Party Games – Toss n Talk Balls

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I have to share these Toss ‘n Talk Balls which I think make a great Party Ice Breaker. They are great for all ages from kids to adults and they come in many themes and are a lot of fun.

So what are they? Well they are 24″  Inflatable Balls that feature Questions, Conversation Starters, Words, Pictures and so on. What you do is toss the ball and when you catch it you need to answer the Question (or what the task is) where you right thumb lands. Each ball also includes an activity sheet with ideas for play.

These can be a lot of fun at your next Party, Sleepover Party, Holiday etc… They are even great for just family fun time and getting your kids to open up and talk. You will also find some educational Talk n’ Toss Balls too.

Oh did I mention they are BUDGET FRIENDLY? and you can use them over and over again.

Some of the many Toss ‘n Talk Balls available are:

  • Toss ‘n Talk Ball Original
  • Toss’ n Talk about Movement
  • Toss ‘n Talk about Music
  • Toss ‘n Talk about Getting Acquainted
  • Toss ‘n Talk about Me
  • Toss ‘n Talk about Trivia

That is just to name a few – there are tons of different ones available. You can even Create your own Toss ‘n Talk Ball by writing your own Questions on a Ball or Fun Activities one must do if they are touching it.

You can find so many variations of the Toss ‘n Talk Balls

– Farm Animals, Colors, Math and More…

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