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Bubble Guppies Plush Dolls are Now Available

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Exciting news for Bubble Guppies fans…You will now find Bubble Guppies Plush Dolls available just in time for the holidays.

Yes it is true, it took forever, but it looks like you will start finding some Bubble Guppies Toys hitting the market. I still would love to know what has taken Nickelodeon so darn long to get these plush dolls on the market. I guess would could sit here and ponder for ever, truth is if you want them you better go get them ASAP because they will be gone fast.

Do not put yourself into a crazy parent frenzy come the holidays trying to find these and then paying though the roof bidding on Ebay – lol.

As of this time there are three Bubble Guppies Plush Dolls available:

  • Gil Plush Doll
  • Molly Plush Doll
  • Puppy Plush Doll

I would hope they will be coming out with more of the kids favorite characters, but who knows – it took forever just to get these. I see some very happy kids out there when they get their little hands on them. I see many many hugs happening !!

You can order them HERE– looks like it is a pre-order and they will be released in October.


2 Responses to “Bubble Guppies Plush Dolls are Now Available”
  1. This is great news because I am a fan of Bubble Guppies, are super good now as plush dolls.

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