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How to Make Bumblebee Cupcakes

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So the Buzz is –  I was  in the kitchen baking up some fun Spring and Summer ideas today. This Bumblebee Cupcake was not on my list, but was created last minute with some of my left over Cupcakes. For a last minute idea I think they came out so cute and they happen to be one of my favorites.

Best part is I am going to share with you how I made them right here with Step by Step with Photos. You are walking through it as I made them for my very first time and they are so EASY to do and would be great for any Spring or Summer Theme Party you may be having.

Here is what I used to make these Bumblebee Cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes of course – Baked and Cooled – Any Flavor will work – I used Devil’s Food – Yum
  • Frosting – I used Vanilla, but being it will be covered any flavor will also work here
  • Black Gumdrops – Head
  • Yellow Small Nonpareils
  • Black Licorice Wheels -Or you can use String Licorice
  • Silver Dragees – Eyes
  • Toothpicks

So here are my Ingredients – I have Small Yellow Nonpareils – If you cannot find them Yellow Sugar or Yellow Sprinkles will work.  Large Black Gumdrops, Silver Dragees for the Eyes – you can use other items, but the Silver Dragees really stood out and sparkled and I had some Black Licorice Wheels. The Licorice Wheels work out good because the are flat and make for good Stripes, but you can use the Shoe String type if you cannot find them.

Frost your Cupcake with your FRosting and while it is still tacky dip it into your Yellow Nonpareils to coat. Make sure to get all over including the sides so it is nice and covered. Once that is done they are Ready to Go to the next step – what I call the Fun Part – Creating your Bees.

Take a Black Gumdrop and stick it onto a Toothpick. Then take your Silver Dragees and stick them into the Gumdrop for the Eyes. Now take another Toothpick and make two holes on the top of the Gumdrop where you will be placing your Antenna – it makes it easier to stick it in. Cut your Black Licorice Antennas to the size you want and then stick them into the holes you made. You know have a Bumblebee Head – Woo Hoo.

Now take your head and place it into the front of your Cupcake. Next you will cut some of the Black Licorice so that it fits across your Bumblebee Cupcake. I used three stripes and it was perfect. That is It – your Bumblebee Cupcakes are Complete – How Easy was that?

So Simple yet So Adorable !!!

A Perfect Birthday Party Activity that would go with these Bumblebee Cupcakes is a Stuff a Bumblebee Party Activity. The kids can Stuff this 16″ Plush Cutie by hand to take home and love – There is also a Ladybug available too.

Each Stuff a Plush Bumblebee Kit comes with:

  • 16″ Plush Bumblebee
  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Custom Bumblebee Birth Certificate
  • Directions

It is like Build a Bear, but in the comfort of your home and there is NO Sewing Required. Kids love to do this and it will also double as a Party Favor. You can even add in an Outfit for the kids to dress it in or a T-Shirt they can decorate using Fabric Markers. There are so many choices.

For more information on the Stuff a Plush Bumblebee Kits or to Order Visit my Website:

The Party Animal

If you are looking for Bumble Bee Party Supplies such as your paper goods – they are not easy to find. I was able to find the Bee Plates, Balloons and other Goodies on EBay.

To see them just Click Here to see what is Available: Bumble Bee Party Supplies

So that is what all the Buzz is about…….


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    So Cute! Love the detailed instructions.

  3. Jodi says:

    Such a cute idea. I wonder if you could do a honey flavored frosting or cake.

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