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How to Make Bunny Butt Cupcakes

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Have some fun this Easter and create these adorable Bunny Butt Cupcakes that are sure to get a laugh.  They are so EASY to make and I am going to show you how right here.

I cannot take credit for this idea because I have seen it done many times, but I have mostly seen them made as white bunnies. I decided to create mine using chocolate instead for a brown bunny. I actually made these for the kids last Easter 2011 and they loved them.

Of course you can make your bunny in any color or flavor you want – regardless they are beyond cute and so easy to make.

Here is what you need to make these Bunny Butt Cupcakes:

  • Baked Cupcakes – Flavor of your choice, mine were Vanilla
  • Frosting – Flavor or color of your choice – I used Chocolate
  • Peanut M&M Tail – I used white from the Easter M&M’s, but you can also use a mini marshmallow
  • Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers -You can use any flavor or color
  • Pink Chocolate Melting Wafers
  • Make n Mold Fine Point Decorating Bottle (Explained Below)
  • Wax Paper

First start by baking your cupcakes. Then frost them up – so far so easy right?

The Make n Mold Fine Point Decorators Bottle is a tool to help you make chocolate designs easily – I found mine at AC Moore a while ago.  You just stick your Chocolate Melting Wafers into it and it goes right into the Microwave to melt. Wilton also sells them and you can find them online – Here.

Next just lay out some Wax Paper and using your Chocolate Decorator Bottle start by melting your Chocolate that will be the base of your bunnies foot. Then simply squeeze some of the chocolate out into an oblong shape as shown above on your wax paper.

You can move all your feet to the freezer to set up or give them a bit to harden while sitting out. Once they have hardened up melt your Pink Chocolate in the decorator bottle and then add your pink accents onto the foot as shown above. Then let them set and get hard.

Now all is left is assembly….

Add your Bunny Tail and Bunny Feet on an angle on your cupcake and you have yourself one cute

“Bunny Butt Cupcake”

Come on how EASY is that?

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