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Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party

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Lets take this party To Infinity and Beyond….. Sorry I had to say it. With the recent release of Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2 in 3D and the Toy Story 3 Movie coming in 2010 I thought I would write about a Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party. I do not know about anyone else, but these are my favorite movies and I am counting down to the new movie. Ever since the first movie I have never been able to look at toys in the same way. Anyhow – Lets talk about some great Buzz Lightyear Party Supplies to bring this party to life.

Toy Story Invitations

Lets start off with some great Personalized Toy Story Invitations that you can find right on Ebay my favorite place to find them. You have tons of design choices to choose from, as well as styles like the Ticket Style Invites you see to the right.  All of which can be personalized with your party information and some sellers have designs where you can even add your child’s photo.

buzz lightyear party supplies

Now if you are old fashioned and like to write out your party invitations – no need to worry those are available too.  You can get them in the Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Party Pack or they can also be purchased separately. The party pack which features Buzz as your main focus includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, solid-color placemats, tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), confetti, and cake candles. And again you can buy all the party supplies separately or in the party pack for a discounted price.

Toy Story Bingo Party Game

I was able to find this Toy Story Bingo Game that would be great to use at the party. They can also be personalized with the Birthday Child’s Name.  Each set includes 5 Bingo Cards that are 5.5″ x 8.5″ and are printed on 110 Card Stock to give them a nice weight. If you have more guests than you just order more sets. You also get the Caller Cards, but you must supply the markers. For those you can use candies, pennies or markers. The game is played just as you would play regular Bingo, but they just have to match all their favorite Toy Story Characters. I also found a bunch of great Toy Story Party Game Ideas on Kids Birthday Party Guide that I think are great.  You will also find ideas for fun food items to have at your party as well.

Buzz lightyear pinata

Now the party would not be complete with out a Buzz Lightyear Pinata – the kids love pinatas. You can find a few different designs available, but I am sad that the one that was of Buzz Lightyear himself seems to no longer be available. Not sure why and I do not know if it will make a comeback when Toy Story 3 comes out. I am sure when the new movie comes out there will be a whole new line of party supplies to follow. My next favorite is the one pictured of Buzz on his spaceship.

buzz lightyear birthday cake

Now some ideas on making a Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake. To make it very easy you can find numerous Buzz Lightyear Edible Cake Images and Toppers right on Ebay and some of them can be personalized as well. You can also do a Goggle Image Search and get some inspiration from what others have created. I also found this How to make a Buzz Lightyear Cake on You Tube you may find helpful.  Another idea is to use a Wilton Rocket Cake Pan you can  decorate to look like Buzz’s Spaceship.

Buzz lightyear rice kripsy treat party favor

A great party favor idea would be these Chocolate Covered Buzz Lightyear Rice Krispy Treats.  I sell them on my website and they are one of my favor party favors for the kids. They are HUGE in size and weigh about 4-5 ounces each, individually wrapped and each one comes on a stick. They are each handmade and created fresh to order.

Chocolate covered rice krispy treats size

When I use them at my own parties I just attach some ribbon to the stick and add a Thank You Tag and that is all you need. I have even sent the kids home with a juice box to go along with them so they have a complete treat for after the party. You can even use them as a table decoration and stick them into a Styrofoam base and let the kids grab one on their way out the door – so now you made them serve a double purpose.

Buzz Lightyear party favor

One of my other favorite Party Favors is the Buzz Light Year Party Favor Spaceshipwhich is adorable and comes with a Buzz Lightyear backpack clip, 5″ plastic spacecraft with wheels that roll and a hatch that opens and 3 mini rolls of candy. Of course you can also send the kids home with some fun Glow in the Dark Stars they can stick on their ceilings and fun Toy Story Stickers and Tattoos too.

Buzz Lightyear cardboard stand up

Oh I almost forgot the best thing. How about a Lifesize Buzz Lightyear Cardboard Stand Up? This stand up measures 26″  x 48″ . How cool would that be when the guests walk in to see Buzz standing there. The kids can have their pictures taken standing with him and you can use those photos as your Thank You notes and then they can frame them for their rooms. Best part – your child gets to keep him and display them in their own room. I love that!!!

Don’t forget to incorporate your child’s Toy Story Toys into the party decorations and you can even make your own cut out stars to save money. Have fun with it and your party will surely be Out of this World!!!


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