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Cake Buntings – a Trend that is really growing

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If you have not seen a Cake Bunting by now I would be surprised, this is a cake decorating trend that has really grown over the past year or so. I really adore this trend and want to share with you some Cake Bunting Ideas and Inspiration.

So what is Cake Bunting? Well it is basically a little Party Banner that sticks in and hangs above your Party Cake. That is it in a nut shell.

I first saw these last year and since then I have seen them being used a lot. I think they are absolutely adorable and can be used for all occasions. They can turn any cake into a festive sweet treat that looks great on the table. What I love the most about them is how EASY they are to make and even if you are not the crafty type you can still pull this off, Trust Me !!

Even though these are referred to as Cake Buntings, I like to call them Cake Banners so you will see I refer to them either way.

To make your own Cake Bunting all you need is 2 Wood Skewers to stick in the Cake to hold the Banner or you can be creative and use Straws, Lollipop Sticks, Craft Sticks etc… depending on how tall you want it to be.

Next you will need String or Ribbon to attach your Banner to.

Now here is the fun part – Creating your Cake Banner. The possibilities for this are endless. You can use Paper Shapes, Letters, Fabric, Felt, Fruit Roll Ups and even Cookies and what I find that is Super EASY is using Paper Scrapbooking Supplies.  You can find everything in the Scrapbooking isle of the craft store from Letters to cool Cut Outs and it is all done for you already.

All you do is chose how you want it to look, lay it out so you know it fits and you can just Glue, Tape or Lace your pieces onto the string and you tie that to your Skewers and you got yourself a Cake Banner. You can make it Multi Rows it you have the room. You can really have a lot of fun with this. Oh and one more thing – if you are a Cupcake Fan like me – you can stick a banner in them too which makes your Cupcakes even more inviting !!!

Now let me show you what I am talking about…..

1. This Cake Bunting is made from Fabric, Uncommon shares a tutorial on how they made it – so EASY.

2. This Cake Bunting was created using Paint Chips from the hardware store – GENIUS and FREE !! Check out Recycled Lovelies DIY Paint Chip Cake Bunting Tutorial.

3. This is an Edible Cake Bunting made from Fruit Roll Ups – How cool is that and YUMMY. Cheryl from Creative Party Ideas shows you how it is done.

4. This is another Edible Cake Bunting made with Cookies and there is a tutorial for this one at Hank & Hunt.

I can go on and showing you amazing ideas because there are so many creative ways you can make these and it is so SIMPLE and EASY !!

You can even find lots of FREE Printable Cake Buntings out there too – just Google “Printable Cake Bunting”  and you will find many available.

Want to Purchase a pre made Cake Bunting? There are tons of those out there as well and the best place to find the most creative ones would be here on Etsy.

Ok now I have to show you a few of my personal favorites and these are all pre made:

1. Love this Howdy Cowgirl Cake Bunting from Etsy Seller: Blu Embellish and this is just one of the many they have to offer.

2. OMG do you not love this Pinwheel Cake Bunting? ♥♥♥ These are available from Etsy Seller: Pickled Parlor whose specialty is Paper Pinwheels.

3.  I cannot take the adorableness of these Cake Buntings that incorporate little Chalk Boards so you can add your own message from Etsy Seller: Tiny Apron. This is just a taste of the amazing ones they have – you so gotta look.

4. If you are all about Sparkle then you have to see all the Glittery Cake Buntings that The Purple Pug has to offer which can be done with your child’s name as well. I love Glitta !!

I personally have not made one of these yet, BUT the next Birthday or Holiday I am so on it and you know I will share my creation with you all once I do.

If you have one you would like to share that you have made – let me know and I would love to show it off !!

Hope you have been inspired to get on the Trend Bandwagon !!


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