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Check out these SWEET Cupcake Costumes for Halloween

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Looking for a SWEET Halloween Costume? They you may like some of these New Cupcake Costumesavailable this year. I am a HUGE Cupcake Fan myself and Cupcakes have become so popular over the past couple years. I am not surprised they have come out with some new adorable Cupcake Costumes.

Whats even better – there is a Cupcake Costume for all ages – so even us adults can dress up as a Cupcake too.  The Cupcake Costumes you see pictured even have a Cherry on Top – does it get any better than that?

Ok well maybe it does – how about dressing up as a Cupcake Fairy in the Cupcake Fairy Costume? This costume is so cute and I would really love for a Cupcake Fairy to come visit me in my time of Cupcake need – lol. This costume has Fairy Wings that have yummy Cupcake pictures on them as well as on the dress. There is also a Cupcake Fairy Headband with Cupcakes that move on the ends. My favorite part has to be the Cupcake Fairy Wand – I am thinking I may have to get one of these for myself.

The Cupcake Fairy Costume is available in sizes  18 Months – Size 6

The other Cupcakes are called Sweet Eats Cupcake Costumes, which feature a Blue Cupcake Liner, Pink Frosting and Colored Sprinkles.  Then you also get a Cherry Hat to top it all off. Now that is SWEET. These costumes come in both kids sizes and adult size.

How cute would it be to have a Mother and Daughter dress up as Cupcakes – awwww.

You can also find some Homemade Cupcake Costumes on Ebay – I have seen some really cute ones there in addition to the Pottery Barn Cupcake Costumes. The Pottery Barn ones are a bit pricey, but you may be able to find a deal on Ebay for a used one if you did not want to send a huge amount on one.

You can also make a Cupcake Costume like the one you see pictured to the left. Food Network has  Step by Step Directions on How to Make a Cupcake Costume that is pretty easy to do. The fun part about making a Cupcake Costume is you get to choose which flavor frosting to have by changing the material color – you can even choose your Sprinkle Colors too !!!

You can see the Directions Here:  How to Make a Cupcake Costume

So I hope I gave you some SWEET Halloween Costume Ideas to think about and if you have some Cupcake Costume Pictures you want to share let me know and I would be happy to add them on.

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