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Cheese Doodle Carrots ~ Fun Easter Treat for the Kids

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Move over Orange Jelly Bean Carrots and make room for the Cheese Doodles. These are just another fun Easter Treat or Easter Party Favor the kids will love. Who does not love Cheese Doodles?

I saw this idea out in the Blogosphere and I had to make some for the kids for Easter. So I created them early so I could show you all how cute they would be and they are so CUTE !!  So much better than all those Jelly Beans – the less Candy the better. Ok I know Cheese Doodles are not the healthiest of foods either, but I say they are better than all that sugar right?

Seriously are they Cute or what?

These make great Easter Party Favors, Classroom Treats or just a fun treat for the kids on Easter like I am going to use them for.

So here is what I used to create my Cheese Doodle Carrots:

  • Cheese Doodles of course – I used the Crunchy Ones (Yummy)
  • Clear Coned Shaped Bags or you can use Clear Plastic Icing Bags – I found my Cone Bags at Hobby Lobby
  • For the Leaves I used Green Pom Poms (explained below)
  • Rubber Bands
  • Twist Ties

So here’s my loot. I have my Crunchy Cheese Doodles, Cone Shaped Bags (Large) and Green Pom Poms. Originally I was going to use Green Crepe Paper for the Leaves, BUT I was shopping with my Sista Peep who found these Green Pom Poms in the clearance section ($1.79) – SCORE !! They were perfect. Now I had 4 Cheese Doodle Carrots to make – I had 2 bags of Cheese Doodles which pretty much filled 4 Large Cone Bags. The 2 Poms Poms I cut up into 4 Sections for them. If you cannot find those you can use Green Crepe Paper, Green Tissue Paper etc…

So I started with adding one Cheese Doodle into the bag so I could get it down to the point. Then I filled that bag up, I snuck a Doodle or Two while doing so – Ok I confess more like a handful. Next I took a Pom Pom and put a Rubber Band around where I would be cutting to secure it so I would not have it all over the place. Then I cut it about an inch below the Rubber Band. It was like cutting a big Green pony tail. Then I took that and stuck into the top of the Cone Bag with the Cheese Doodles in it. Then Taking a Twist Tie I just wrapped it around and secured the top all together and a Cheese Doodle Carrot was born. How EASY is that?

They will great on the table this Easter, which I get to host this year, and I know the kids will love them.

Really these are so EASY to make and some other fun fillers ideas – Cheddar Goldfish and even Baby Carrots to create your Carrot – now that is Healthy !!

Now what are you waiting for Silly Wabbit…Go make some Carrots !!!


10 Responses to “Cheese Doodle Carrots ~ Fun Easter Treat for the Kids”
  1. staci says:

    I love this idea! I actually thought about using the little cheese puff balls to do the same thing.
    Love using the pom poms – so clever!

  2. Frances says:

    What a FANTASTIC idea!!! I think I will try making these for my son’s classmates. I will use green tissue paper instead.

  3. I know right – I loved it too. Green tissue paper will work just fine – I just got lucky with the Pom Poms deal !!

  4. The only reason I did not use Cheese Balls was I wanted to get all the way to the tip in the bag, but really anything Orange works !!

  5. Susan52 says:

    I actually bought some of these at a craft show many years ago when we were visiting my in-laws shortly before Easter. The kids loved them! Terrific Easter craft!

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