Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Child Size Natural Hula Skirt trimmed with Colorful Flowers

If you are having a Luau, Hula or Hawaiian Theme Party then you must get the girls Hula Skirts. Also remember that these will double as a party favor that the kids can wear over and over again.

I love the look of these natural 24 ” Hula Skirts and the pretty floral trim just add to the whole tropical feel.  Make sure you capture a picture of the kids all together wearing these.

You can also see my recent blog post on some great Leis, Flower Hair Combs and Lei Bracelets to complete the look – Click Here.

Ok so now you have the skirt and all the flowers – well teach them the Hula Dance. Well ok – most of us do not know the whole dance – so have a fun Hula Dance Contest and see what the kids do – just add in some Hula Dance Music and watch them move those hips. You may even be able to find a local entertainer that can come to the party and teach the kids the Hula – ask some of the local dance schools if they know someone – the kids would love that.

Here is a site that gives you some Step By Step instructions on How to do the Hula Dance – Click Here

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