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How to Make a Christmas Countdown Tree

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Here is a fun craft project you can create for your family or as a gift. Kids love to Countdown the days until Christmas and they will love watching as the BIG day gets closer as they move the Santa’s Hat.

Many years ago I started a tradition with my in laws where we all have to craft each other a gift for Christmas.  I love nothing more than homemade gifts – they have so much more meaning than anything store bought.  Every year when I unpack my Holiday decorations I have such a big smile when I pull out all the great crafts that were created over the years.

This past weekend was my Family Christmas and I crafted everyone one of these Countdown to Christmas Trees. I decided I would document in photos the process of creating them so I can share it with all of you. These were not that hard to create and I think they turned out really adorable.

There are so many ways you make these and you can change it up any way you like – hopefully I will give you some inspiration as you see how I made mine. I went with the country feel since I live in the country and that is pretty much all of our decor.

Here is what I used to create my Countdown to Christmas Trees:

  • Wood – Furring Strips
  • Wood for a Base
  • Hot Glue
  • Rusty Bells
  • Rusty Stars
  • Green, Red, Brown and Off White Paint
  • Paint Brushes and Foam Brushes
  • Sand Paper
  • Felt – Red, Ivory, Ivory Pom Pom and some Glitter for Santa Hat

Here is the breakdown of the sizes I made all the pieces. I purchased all my wood at Home Depot – I had 4 of these to create.

I ordered 1/2″ Primitive Rusty Jingle Bells

from Ebay along with 3″ Primitive Rusty Stars.

My original plan was to find 25 miniature ornaments that would be placed in a gift box that would be attached to the base so that one can be hung on the tree for each day, BUT I could not find any miniature ornaments I liked. So I 86’d that idea last minute and crafted up some Felt Santa Hats using left over felt I had on hand.

Now let me show you the assembly….

I started by having my hubby cut all the wood to my measurements (my hubby Rocks – just sayin’). He also attached the back piece (tree trunk) to the base and added a spare block of wood for support as show in the picture. He used Hot Glue to attach it all and it was very sturdy – make sure to use a Hot Temp Glue !! I also had my hubby taper the top of the Tree a bit so that when I put the Star on it would look better.

Then I took over… First I marked with a pencil where all my pieces would go before gluing them on. I used the cut wood as my guide and the spaces in between were the same width. Then using my Hot Glue gun I attached them all.

So far so EASY right?

Then I painted my Christmas Trees Green, The Trunk I did Brown and I did the bases a Barn Red with a Green Checker Pattern. Once that all dried I took some sand paper and sanded to give it a country look making sure to age the corners etc..

Then I Hot glued on my Star to the top of the tree and then added all 25 of my Rusty Bells.

Then I used my Ivory Paint and added my numbers above my Bells on the Tree.  When that was dry I ran the sandpaper over them as well.

Then on went my Santa Hat and the Countdown begun !! Is that cute or what?

Of course I did not make myself one, but that always happens. I already have a countdown to Christmas Calendar my kids have used since they were little and I wanted to keep tradition.

Everyone was very happy with their gift and none of them had a Countdown Calendar yet so I know they will be used and loved for years to come.

So what do you think – will you attempt to make one?

Happy Holidays !!!!

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