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A Christmas Story Costumes

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If you are a fan of A Christmas Story then why not have a little extra fun this holiday season and dress up in one of the Christmas Story Costumes that are available.

I am a HUGE fan of this movie and my holiday is never the same if I miss it – or at least I think it would not be the same, but I have never missed it so I guess I cannot truly answer that – I can just assume. I have a pretty good feeling I am not alone here – Right? and if you have yet to see this movie you are so missing out, just sayin’

Today I was updating a page I had written on A Christmas Story Party when I came across these Christmas Story Costumes that I had never seen before. Ok well I have seen the Pink Bunny Suit Costume (Pink Nightmare), but never the Leg Lamp Costume or the Fragile Leg Lamp Wooden Crate Costume.  Are those the funniest things ever or what?

Can you imagine dressing up in one of those not just on Halloween, but for your Christmas Party or Christmas Story Party !! I would totally do the Leg Lamp Costume myself, but my legs could not possible pull it off. I think I would have to stick with the Bunny Suit myself – lol.  I was so excited about these that I had to share them with you.

You can find them all available here at Amazon.

You may also like my Leg Lamp Cupcakes I made last year and the FREE Printables to create them.

They were my favorites and I will definitely be making them again this year.

Click on the photo for all the Deets !!

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