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Chuck E Cheese Party Invitations

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Are you planning a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party for your Child? Are you not happy with the party invitations they provide for you to send out?  I have been to my share of birthday parties held at Chuck E Cheese’s when my kids were younger and the party invitations were far from exciting to me. Yes Ok they are FREE with your Party Package, but FREE is not always a good thing in some cases.

The other thing about the FREE Chuck E Cheese Party Invitations is that they are all the same – so when you have small kids who are all wanting to have their party at Chuck E Cheese’s they all blend in. So why not make your Chuck E Cheese Party Invitations

stand out with some of the fun designs being offered on EBay.

My favorites are the Chuck E Cheese VIP Pass Invitations

(pictured upper left) that are completely personalized of course, but they also come on a lanyard for the kids to wear. The kids can all wear them to the party and feel extra special – like VIPs. I have used these for a party before and the kids really love to wear them. It will also help you keep track of the kids from your party when you are at Chuck E Cheese – they will be much easier to spot.

You can also go with the Chuck E Cheese Ticket Style Invitations

that look just like a Ticket of course, but with all your party info on them. There are some where the seller will put a photo of your child right on them like the one you see pictured to your right. In addition to that you will also find that you can print them at home yourself. So once you approve the proof of your invite they will send you the file and there is no waiting. This is great for those last minute party planners – you know who you are – lol.

You can also find a large variety of other design styles available as well which consist of 5 x7 Party Invitations. Again all of which can be personalized and even feature a photo of your child on them. Not to worry most of these can printed from home too.

So when it comes time when your child is asking to have their party at Chuck E Cheese and you are thinking what can I do to make it a little different that all the others – one way to do that is changing up the Party Invitations. You do not have much control over the rest of the party details, but with the invitations you do – so go for it !!!

To see all your choices look here:

Chuck E Cheese Party Invitations

Here are some more of my Personal Favorites that are Available:

One more thing I thought you may like is this Chuck E Cheese Personalized Birthday Shirt

which is great for the guest of honor to wear to the party. This shirt comes in all sizes and it will definitely make your little one feel extra special at their Chuck E Cheese Party. Have some extra fun with it and get some Fabric Markers and let all the party guests at the party sign it to make an even more special birthday memory for them to keep and have from their special day.

And one more Money Saving Tip before I go: We all know that the Chuck E Cheese Tokens can get a bit pricey and playing the games is one of the kids favorite parts of the party. Did you know you can get Discount Chuck E Cheese Tokens? You can find them being sold in bulk on Ebay Here – Chuck E Cheese Tokens. So save some money and get some extra game tokens for the kids. I have even seen the Chuck E Cheese Tickets being sold too. Hey anyway we can save a buck or two works for me.


14 Responses to “Chuck E Cheese Party Invitations”
  1. Gio says:

    Where can I find these invitations pass!!

  2. on EBay – Just click the link in this post – Purple Words

  3. Stacie says:

    Do you know where else I can find these VIP invites, they are not available when you click on the link to Ebay.

  4. It seems they are no longer available for sale on Ebay – I see some available on – just type in Chuck E Cheese and you will find them.

  5. kelly scheel says:

    They are not longer available on Etsy either…any idea where else I can get them?

  6. I am not sure – I see that they are no longer there either – hmmm. Maybe you can contact one of the sellers who make the custom invites and see if they woudl make them up for you – I am sure they would no problem.

  7. Holli says:

    Hello … I have tried to contact you numerous times. Not sure what is happening. Maybe you aren’t receiving my messages. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am not writing anything in the website box above. I’m not sure what goes there. Please write me soon so that I know you are getting these messages. My son’s birthday is March 28th. I would like to order a Chuck E. Cheese invitation and tshirt. Thank You For Your Time.
    Holli Lisak

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