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Chuggington Costumes – Brewster, Koko and Wilson

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If you have Chuggington Fans in your home you will be happy to know they have just released a line of Chuggington Costumes.

Now your kids can dress up as their favorite Locomotive Trainee – Choo Choo….  How cute are these costumes? I love how the Costumes they make now are super comfy for the kids. These Chuggington Costumes are made of Foam and just slip right over their heads. This makes for easy on and off that they can even do themselves. Then you just have an additional Headpiece and that is it. Then that just goes right on top of a Shirt and Pants – Love that !!

Where were these type of Costumes when I was young? We had those icky Plastic Face Masks that were so uncomfortable and even the costume was plastic – boy have times changed huh?

Chuggington Costumes that are currently available are:

  • Brewster Costume
  • Koko Costume
  • Wilson Costume

I think they did great with these Costumes because they look just like the characters and the kids are going to love them. Can you picture your little one running around in one of these? I always say Costumes are not just for Halloween, kids love to play dress up year round. They are also perfect if you are having a Chuggington Birthday Party – you can let your child dress up and greet the guests in costume – Now how fun would that be?

You can order your costumes  here: Chuggington Costumes.

Toot Toot !!

Now available are these Chuggington Party SuppliesPerfect for the party !!

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