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Clothespin Party Banner Ideas

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Clothespins have many more uses than just hanging clothes on the line. In the party world they are a great way to create a Party Banner for your special celebration. I am going to share with you some creative ways you can use them as part of your party decor.

I love nothing more than making my own party decorations – not only is it Budget Friendly, but I think it really adds to the uniqueness of your party. You do not have to be overly crafty to do this and I tell parents that all the time. Creating a Clothespin Banner for your party could not be any simpler. So I want to show you some ideas I have found in my web travels to give you some inspiration to consider this for your next party.

Personally I have not made one yet myself, BUT I do have a Clothespin Line hung in my craft room on the wall above my daughter’s art desk where we hang up all her creations and I love it.  And after being inspired by all the banners I have seen and will show you this will now be my new thing to do as well. I know once you see how EASY and fun this can be it will be yours too.

Now let me show you what I am talking about…..

These Clothespin Photo Banners which were created by Makoodle are my favorite type of clothespin banners.

I love the Photo Banners because they can be done for any occasion. I have seen them done for a baby’s first birthday where a picture is hung of the baby taken each month up to 1 Year.  You can also do the same for any age and have a photo of the child each year until their Birthday year. Or of course you can just have a bunch of photos that you love and want to show off. For a Baby Shower you can hang a photo of the Mother to Be showing how her  belly grew in size each month. You can make a Photo Banner for Birthdays, Graduations, Holidays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers – really any occasion or have one hung up year round.

I like the idea of Holidays, for instance Christmas you can have a photo of the kids taken at each Christmas (Or with Santa) prior hung up on the line and you can do that with all the holidays – how fun would that be to look at? I love seeing how my kids have grown year to year.

Even a banner with all their School Pictures would be fun and unique too.

You can also change things up by printing your photos in Black & White, Cepia etc….

All you do is print out the photos you want to use. You can either hang them as is or give them a background to match the party decor by gluing them on to a backing. Hang a String or Ribbon the length you need and attach the photos with your Clothespins.

You can get crafty with your clothespins too. You can Paint them, Decoupage them, Decorate them and you can even use different styles such as colored Plastic ones or even Clips. I know the ideas are endless and by doing this you can match any theme you want.

Are you inspired yet at how EASY and fun this is? Think of all the Possibilities.

Now let me show you some of my other personal favorite Clothespin Banners:

Love this Clothespin Birthday Banner by This Mommy Loves who also have a Tutorial and FREE Printables available. Love her choices of Scrapbooking Paper used for this one.

Here is a Photo Clothespin Banner done by Atlanta Military Mom for her baby’s 1st Birthday with a photo each year. The Clothespins were attached to the back of the Mickey Mouse Ears. How darn cute is that?

Awww how adorable is this Paper Onesie line up that reads Best Wishes. This Clothespin Banner is sold from Etsy Seller: Your Blissful Day

This Thanksgiving Clothespin Banner was made by Organize and Decorate Everything. What I love about this one is that she used Letter Cards she found in the craft store. How Simple !! Is your head spinning with ideas yet?

Do you just LOve LOve LOve this Spring Clothespin Banner using decorated Burlap? See how it was made here at Canvas Home Basics.

This Happy Birthday Clothespin Banner is done using Felt – I love felt !!

This Clothespin Banner was made by Michon.  It was made from chipboard letters and distressed ink, hung on jute twine with mini clothes pins. They hung in their kids room for a fun decor. ♥ it !!

 Seriously I can go on and on sharing some of the Awesome Creative Clothespin Banners out there, but I would run out of room. I am hoping you have been inspired like me to break out those Clothespins and start decorating up the home and making Banners for our parties and holidays.

The Ideas and Possibilities for these are Endless and the other thing I love is how easily they can be stored away and used over and over again.

If you have a Clothespin Banner you want to share let me know and I would be happy to show it off. I am so on this project that hopefully I will have a picture of one of my creations on here before you know it !!


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  1. Caroline says:

    I love this idea! Totally cute and very adaptable no matter what your party theme. I especially like the Mickey Mouse banner. Great way to capture the year in photos!

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