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Make your Own Cookie Cutters Kit

July 20, 2010 by  
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Have you ever looked for a certain shape Cookie Cutter and could not find it? Well with this Make Your Own Cookie Cutters Kit you can make your own Cookie Cutters easily.  I think this is so cool.

Each Make your own Cookie Cutter Kit comes with 6 Feet of 1″ Aluminum and All the tools and supplies you need are included: a bending board with forming post; 1 shaping cylinder; a wedge tool for points, corners and small curves,  special adhesive material to keep cutters together; instructions and suggestion booklet. Also included are recipes and tips for crafts.

This is great for those times when you are looking for your Kid’s Favorite Character in a Cookie Cutter for their Birthday Party and they are no where to be found – no you can create it yourself. I also think this makes a great gift idea too – feel free to send me one – lol.

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