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Cool the kids off at the Party with some Snow Cones

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If you are having a Birthday Party in the Summer or on a Hot day then give the kids a fun Snow Cone treat to cool them off.  Not only are they easy to make with a Snow Cone Maker, but they are extremely BUDGET FRIENDLY and the kids love them.

Every year when my kids have parties or friends over during the Hot months I pull out my  Rival Snow Cone Maker

and make up some yummy flavored Snow Cones for the kids. There are so many Snow Cone Makers available on the market and they are very inexpensive. I have had mine for years without any issues.  All you do is add some Ice Cubes to the Middle, push down on the top and it Shaves the Ice right into a cup.

Then you take some of the many syrup flavors available for Snow Cones and pour it over the top. Add a fun Spoon Straw and the kids are ready to be cooled down.  Frozen Ice Pops are Ok too, but having a Snow Cone is much more exciting for the kids.

With all the flavor syrups out there you can set up a Snow Cone Bar and let the kids do it themselves. Have a big bucket of Ice for them to put in the Snow Cone Maker, have your Cups and Straws ready and let them go to town. There is nothing that can hurt you making a Snow Cone (Not on my maker at least) and if they spill a little Ice outside who cares – it will dry up.

These are always a Big Hit at our parties as you can see from some of the photos of the girls enjoying their Snow Cones at my daughter’s last Birthday.

And Snow Cones can be great at parties year round – How fun would it be so serve up some Snow Cones at your next Winter Party? At least you know the snow they will be eating is clean – lol


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  1. lee marc says:

    Awesome! I think Snow Cones is really delicious!I love it!

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