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Creative Ways to use your “Pool” Noodles

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Did you know that there are many Creative Ways you can use your Pool Noodles?  Yes it is true Pool Noodles can be used many different ways other than just for swimming and I have to show you what I mean by that.

I was recently doing some research for a post when I came across lots of different ideas using Pool Noodles. So I decided I needed to share them all with you because a lot of these ideas I had never seen before. Now I have a Pool and of course I have a bunch of Pool Noodles in it, but since I have seen some of these ideas I am now looking at them a lot differently and I think you might too !!

A lot of these ideas would be great for your Parties. With the Decoration Ideas and Game Ideas it makes for some inexpensive FUN !!

Here are some of the Cool Ideas I have Found:

Pool Noodle Garland – How AWESOME and Pretty is that?

Pool Noodle Rosary – Amazing right? Who would have thought.

Pool Noodle Light Sabers – Gotta love Duct Tape !!!

Pool Noodle Hat – This guy added a Wire Hanger to bend a Pool Noodle in the shape of an Arby’s Hat for a costume.

Pool Noodle Cactus – These were created using the addition of some Fabrics and Accessories – I love these !!!

Pool Noodle Flowers – I love this idea used on the Straws or you can make a pretty Bouquet – So Creative !!!

Pool Noodle Candy Canes – Now this is way cool  – I may have to do this myself !!

Pool Noodle Shamrock Wreath – WoW, just WoW

Pool Noodle Jousting Sticks – Perfect for a Medieval Party !!!

Pool Noodle Cupcakes – YES Cupcakes !!, not edible of course.

Pool Noodle Sword – Using PVC Pipes for the Handle – So Cool right?

Giant Pool Noodle Flowers – These are Amazing

Are you amazed yet? Are you thinking you need to Cut Up your Pool Noodles like I am? I am wondering if my kids would notice them missing….

But wait there is more – Check out some of these Pool Noodle Game Ideas for more ways to use your Noodle !!

Pool Noodle Sprinkler – Turn a Pool Noodle into a fun Sprinkler for the kids

Pool Noodle Marble Race Track – Just cut one in half and you are good to go !!

Pool Noodle Math – Make a Fine Motor Counting Game

Pool Noodle Hockey – Now this looks like Fun

Pool Noodle Football  !!

Pool Noodle Lacing – Great way to keep a Toddler Busy

Pool Noodle Limbo – Use your Pool Noodle as your Limbo Stick

Pool Noodle Poppers Game – Fun Fun Fun

Are all of these great ideas or what? I have been inspired to do some Pool Noodle creations now so Stay Tuned….

Have you also been inspired to get creative with your Noodle? Your Pool Noodle that is?

If you do make sure your share your ideas so I can post them here !!!


8 Responses to “Creative Ways to use your “Pool” Noodles”
  1. Liz says:

    Very creative ways to use the noodles. What did you use the rosary for?
    I like the cupcakes and flowers the best

  2. Mel says:

    Where online can I buy just the flower or scalloped noodles like you have in the garland an rosary?

  3. Mel says:

    Is there another name for flower noodles? I am searching online to buy those ( we already have the round ones) but I called them scalloped.

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