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Cupcake Rings and Cupcake Picks

July 9, 2009 by  
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seasame street cupcake ringsIf you follow my posts you will know that I love to use Cupcakes at Birthday Parties because it saves so much time and it is easier on us parents. How many times have you heard the kids argue over what piece of cake they wanted when it comes to cutting time? I would say just about every time. So to avoid that I think cupcakes are the perfect alternative. Each one is the same size and the same or similar decorations.

You can get just as creative with your cupcakes as you can with a cake. Today I would like to talk about Cupcake Rings and Cupcake Picks – a fun way to add some pizazz to the decorations.

Cupcake Rings as shown in the photo above are little rings that you place on top of your decorated cupcake and they come in all the popular Birthday Party Themes. The kids get to pull them off the cupcake of course lick off the frosting and they can then wear them.  It is like an extra prize the kids love and they make your cupcakes look so festive.  You can find a really large selection of Cupcake Rings on Ebay – I really think you can find every style right there.

Here a few pictures of Cupcakes using the Cupcake Rings:

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