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Cupcake Stands and Displays for your Birthday Party

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spongebob cupcake standSo you are having a Birthday Party and you are deciding whether to have a traditional cake or go with cupcakes. Well some of these fun Cupcake Stands and Displays may be a deal breaker for you. There are many choices available now for displaying your cupcakes that not only are they fun, but they also create a wonderful tabletop centerpiece for the party.

For me I like to go with cupcakes a lot of the time for few reasons – You avoid the fighting over who gets what piece of cake – kids always want to have special pieces of the cake – they may want the piece with the flower or a certain letter and so on and this can get overwhelming come cake cutting time. Having cupcakes also makes it easier on the host – there is no cutting and all the servings are the same size.

Wilton Cupcake Stand Holds 38 Cupcakes

Wilton Cupcake Stand Holds 38 Cupcakes

Most standard Cupcake Stands will hold up to 24 cupcakes and I have seen a few that will hold 38 like Wilton’s Cupcake Display. If you have a large party you can get 2 stands or just have the extras on the side.

Some of the Fun Theme Cupcake Stands available are: Spongebob Cupcake Stand, Princess Cupcake Stand, Sport Theme Cupcake Stand, Graduation Cupcake Stand, The Sweet Station Cupcake Stand – you can add a photo, Halloween Cupcake Stand, Disney Fairies Cupcake Stand,Pirate Theme Cupcake Stand and more.

Cupcakes can be so much fun and you can get so creative with them. You can make a cupcake design for almost any theme. You can do it simple or get very elaborate and there is lots of help to show you how. There are many books with ideas for creating the Perfect Cupcake. You can also check out Wilton’s Website and Family Fun is another one of my favorites for great ideas.

Cupcake PedestalTo make the Birthday Child’s Cupcake extra special – you can add it to a fun Cupcake Pedestal when it comes time to sing Happy Birthday – it will make their cupcake extra special.

There is so much you can do with Cupcakes to make them so much fun for any party and really make them the focal point and centerpiece. The ideas are endless.

More Ideas for Cupcake Fun would be:

  • Cupcake Picks – These are sticks that come in any theme that will stick in the cupcake and the kids can take them home.
  • Cupcake Rings – Again another fun extra the kids can take home and come in many themes and designs.
  • Edible Sugar Shapes for decorating.
  • Edible Cupcake Images – Fun images the kids can eat and even your own photo for extra fun can be done.
  • Princess Cupcake Wrapper

    Princess Cupcake Wrapper

I just recently found some very cool Cupcake Wrappers that I have never seen before that take the foil wrappers to a whole new level. There are also many design choices like a Princess Cupcake Wrapper that is a cupcake in a tiara. Spiderwebs and so many other fun designs. It just adds even more fun. So be sure to take a look at them as well.

Pull-Apart-CupcakeAlso have you seen the cakes that can be made from Cupcakes? They have special pans called Pull a Part Cupcakes. You bake the cake in a pan that has divided spaces so come cake time you just pull the the piece off. Again Family Fun is a great resource to learn how to create some fun Cupcake Cakes. So be sure to look at some of the creative ideas you will find there.

061Turn your Party Cupcakes into an activity:

Another fun idea I have done at the party is to turn cupcake time into a fun party activity by allowing the guests to decorate their own cupcake. I would have pre-baked cupcakes in both Vanilla and Chocolate. I would also have some frosting tubs in a few flavors and a bunch of fun candies and sprinkles. Let the guest choose how they want their own cupcake and they have so much fun doing this. It may get a little messy, but the smiles from the kids make it all worth the clean up.

cupcake-containerYou can even send the kids home with a cupcake they created to have for a snack after the party and this can also double as a wonderful party favor. You can do this using these Unique Individual Cupcake Containers you can personalize with each guests name.  Include a juice box and your favor is complete and oh so yummy!!!

Ok so now you are hungry for a cupcake – have some fun with these cute online Cupcake games:

Dress a Cupcake Game

Cupcake Maker Game

World's Largest CupcakeThe Food Network’s Duff Goldman created one of the world’s Largest Cupcakes. It was entered in the Guinness World Book of records. The 61.4-pound creation is more than a foot tall and entirely edible. Now that is some cupcake.

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