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How to Make Cupcake Toppers using Scrapbooking Supplies

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Whether you Scrapbook or not I am sure you have seen all the great Scrapbooking Stickers, Embellishments and Die Cuts on the market. The selection is enormous and there is more you can do with them then just Scrapbooking ya know. I am going to show you how Simple and Easy it is to take some and turn then into adorable Cupcake Toppers in minutes.

I was recently at the craft store looking for some other crafts and walked past the Scrapbooking Supplies as I always do and saying to myself that I wish I had the time to Scrapbook.  I have one Scrapbook I started when I was pregnant with my son who is now 12 and it ended when I think I was 8 months along. Then we went digital and that was the end of that.

BUT I always look at all the great Stickers and Embellishments sold and I do buy them to use for other projects, but I thought to myself this past time that I had to share how you can turn any of these into Cupcake Toppers in a pinch. Plus I saw this adorable Sock Monkey Set that I fell in love with and decided how cute – Sock Monkey Cupcake Toppers and that is how this came about.

So let me show you….

So I fell in love with this Sock Monkey Set – K&Company Berry Sweet Gem Sock Monkey Adhesive Chipboard Set – They are so darn CUTE and I love Sock Monkeys. I then found some Party Picks (Toothpicks) I had on hand which are colored and matched perfectly. Plush the Party Picks have flat sides vs. Round so it would make it easier to stick these on, but Toothpicks would work too.

Now being these Sock Monkeys were already Stickers I did not need any tape – I just peeled them off and placed my Toothpick to the back with enough sticking out the bottom so that I could stick into my cupcakes. I took the smaller stickers and added a couple on a toothpick for accents. If you choose Die Cuts or another Scrapbooking Supply that is not sticky – just use Tape.

When done just stick them into some Baked and Frosting Cupcakes and that is it !!

Is this Easy or What?

This is a Super Easy way to top your Cupcakes in Minutes and you can find sooo many designs available for all your Party Themes, Holidays and Occasions. So give it a try and WoW your Party Guests. OH I almost forgot to mention – it is inexpensive too. I know I always have my Coupon when I shop at the craft store and these Sock Monkey Cupcake Toppers were 40% off for me !!!

I think they look so Cute – Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think?

Have you done this before or Do you think you will try it?


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  2. I am really amaze with your creative idea on cupcake decorations. It’s really fun to read your blog

  3. Awww Thanks so much !!!

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    This is very helpful !!

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