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Custom Personalized Pool Party Invitations

May 25, 2009 by  
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Summer is just about here and so are all the Pool Birthday Parties.  What better way to start off the party by getting your guests excited with some great Unique Custom Personalized Pool Party Invitations. Ebay is a great resource for these and there are so many great design choices available. They give you the ability to personalize them with all your own party information, some allow you to add a photo and some even offer you the option of printing them yourself – for those last minute party planners.

Another fun idea that is very different is to write your Party Information on an Inflatable Beach Ball or Inflatable Pool Tube.  All you do is take a Permanent Marker and write on the Ball or Tube, no need to blow them up,  all your party details. Then stick it not inflated into an envelope and send them out. Your guests will get a kick out of having to blow up your invitation. The best part is they are also Budget Friendly – you can find these in the Dollar Store or at Walmart for under $1.00 each. Fun Idea to write on the Ball – “Come to my Party we are going to have a Ball”.


2 Responses to “Custom Personalized Pool Party Invitations”
  1. Robin says:

    Love the beach ball invitation idea! Super cute!

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