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Decorate a Beach Ball Party Favor for Summer Birthday Party Themes

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beach-ball2Here is a great idea for a Summer Birthday Party Favor – not only is it fun for the kids, but it is BUDGET FRIENDLY. Let the kids Decorate their own Beach Ball to bring home.

When talking about party favors I cannot say enough about my rule “KISS” –  Keeping It Simple Saves. Party favors are just a small Thank You for coming to the party and there is no reason to go overboard and spend a ton of money on each one.

There is nothing I like more than my kids not coming home with a bag of candy and small toys that just get lost. You just have to be a bit creative and that is where The Party Animal comes in – I love to give you great ideas.

So here is a simple inexpensive idea which is great for those Summertime Parties that not only is a party favor, but also a craft activity to be done at the party.

What you will Need:

  • An Inflatable Beach Ball for Each Child – You can get these for $1.00 each
  • Permanent Markers in a variety of Colors

While the balls are deflated have the kids take the markers and design their very own ball how ever they wish. They can even sign each others if they wish to. Then when all done they can blow them up and play. Being you used Permanent Markers the drawings will not wash off when used in the pool. My kids make their own Beach Balls every year for the pool – they love it and they have made some very cool designs.

It is that simple – so you have a Party Craft, Party Favor and the child goes home with a Fun Toy that they can use all Summer Long and it did not cost you a fortune.

You can buy Beach Balls that already have patterns on them for the kids to color, but honestly it is more fun to have them make their own designs and also cheaper.

Other Ideas:

You can use Beach Balls with Messages and put them into Favor Bags or use as Gifts to send home with sayings like: “Hope you had a Ball at my Party”-“You made my Birthday a Ball” – “Hope your Birthday is a Ball”  etc…  Stick them in the mail to Friends and Family- what a fun gift to send to someone.


4 Responses to “Decorate a Beach Ball Party Favor for Summer Birthday Party Themes”
  1. Martha Lugo says:

    I have tried using Sharpie retractable marker on beach balls and it smears, even after leaving them to dry for a 2 whole days. What permanent marker do you suggest that won’t smear?
    Thank you.

  2. I used a regular old style sharpie with no issues at all.

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