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Decorate a Sock Monkey Party Craft

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If you are looking for a Unique Craft Idea for your next party you may want to consider these Blank Sock Monkeys. Kids can decorate them any way they want and will no doubt go Bananas over them.

This has to be the coolest idea I have seen for a long time and I LOVE it, I am also a huge lover of Sock Monkeys too. Each one of these Handmade Blank Sock Monkeys is approx 13″  Tall and ready to be given some Personality.

Decorate them with Markers, Fabric Paints, Buttons, Fabrics, Pom Poms, Patches, Tie Dye etc…. There is no limit on what you can use for these Monkeys and it can all be geared towards your age group too. Best part – They are Budget Friendly and will also double as you Party Favor, now how cool is that? and how perfect would these be for a Sock Monkey Party Theme?

These are available from Etsy Seller BrightsIdea and sold in Party Kits or Individually along with many other Handmade Sock Monkeys they offer.

But wait one more thing I have to tell ya, ok maybe two. In addition to the Blank Sock Monkeys, they also offer Red Heeled Sock Monkeys you can decorate too and in addition to that how about a Sock Monkey in a Jar that you can Stuff and Decorate? Perfect Party Favors to send home or create at the party as well – Oh so many choices it will make you BANANAS !!

Stay tuned beacuse I am so getting these for my daughter’s Birthday Party over the summer…..

Sock Monkey Party Supplies


8 Responses to “Decorate a Sock Monkey Party Craft”
  1. Julie says:

    Ah – I think this is a fabulous idea. This would make a fantastic homeschooling project actually. We love trying new and different craft activities. Thank you so much for putting us onto this one.
    best wishes, Julie.

  2. maddy says:

    I looked and I all I found for sock mockeys was some that were 22 dollars!that can add up alot so I think this one is alittle much don’t you think?

  3. Laurie Mainville says:

    How do I order blank sock monkeys! Cannot find contact information!! Having a sock monkey party, gotta have this craft!!!

  4. Click on the link (purple words) they were being sold on Etsy

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