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Despicable Me Birthday Party

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As always when any movie comes to the theaters including the funny Despicable Me you may find your kids wanting a Despicable Me Birthday Party. So what do we do when there are currently no Despicable Me Party Supplies on the market? We get creative and that is where I come in. Let me show you what is available and give you ideas on how to fill in the rest.

Let me just say that I am a big Steve Carrel Fan and even if he is just the voice of Gru (One of the Main Characters) in the movie – it is a must see for me. Besides us parents like a little comedy sometimes too even if it is animated and better yet – in 3D. Now I have not seen the Movie yet myself so I am going to work on what I have read at this point and update this post if I need to once I get to watch it.

Lets start off with some Despicable Me Party Invitations

. Thanks to many sellers on Ebay who are offering them and always on top of things. You will find a nice selection of Despicable Me Ticket Style Invitations which are perfect for a party based upon a movie. The Ticket Invitations look just like a real Movie Ticket and even better if you are taking the kids to the theater to see the movie.  There are many designs to chose from and they all are completely personalized with your party information. Also a lot of sellers will allow you to print them from home – so last minute party planners are saved.

For your Despicable Me Paper Goods and Decorations  I would play off the colors of the Minions since they are the favorites of the movie. Using Solid Colors I would go with  – Yellow, Blue and Black.  I would make Balloon Bundles in the same colors as well. So that ties in all your Colors. To add to the Decor you can hang up some Despicable Me Posters

around your party area – they are not expensive and there is a nice variety available to chose from.

If you are creative you can create some Minions using Poster Board, cut them out and hang around the party area or Print some photos of the Minions and other Despicable Me Characters you find online and use them.  Also available are FREE Despicable Me Coloring Pages you can have your child color and also hang around as well.

Of course you will want some Party Music playing in the background and what better music that that from the Despicable Me Movie Soundtrack

. This features all the favorite songs from the Movie like the Minion Mambo, Boogie Fever, You Should be Dancing, Fun, Fun, Fun, I’m on a Roll, The Unicorn Song and More. So lots of fun music that will get everyone Singing and Dancing for sure.

Now let have some fun with Despicable Me Party Game Ideas

Steal the Moon – As you know Gru’s evil plan is to steal the Moon so lets play off of this. So how about a good game of Tag. The person who is it would be Gru. Have a Ball that Gru will be holding that is the Moon. All of the other party guests must catch Gru and when they are tagged they must quickly hand them the Moon and they are out of the game and the tagger is now Gru. If the Moon falls it is up for grabs and anyone can Steal the Moon. Continue playing until you have a winner.

Annoying Sound Contest – In the movie when Gru is telling the girls Margo, Agnes and Edith his rules one of them is No Annoying sounds. So Agnes makes some funny noises using her mouth and hands and asks “Is this Annoying?”. So to play off this have a Annoying Sound Contest. This will be very funny – you may want the video camera out for this one. So one at a time have your guests show you the most annoying sounds they can make only using themselves. Maybe even throw in some Parent Judges or just do it for fun. You may find some hidden talent at the party – who knows.

Fluffy Unicorn – Gru takes the kids to a Carnival and Agnes see a Fluffy Unicorn and says “Its so Fluffy I’m Gonna Die” – too funny. Well Gru has to win this by knocking down a Spaceship. So to play off of this I would take an Empty 2 Liter Soda Bottle and add some Construction Paper to make it look like a Spaceship.  The use a Toy Gun that Shoots Ping Pong Balls or even Nerf Darts and have the kids take turns to see who can knock it over. If you do not like using Guns than just use Ping Pong Balls.

Shrink Ray – Of course Gru in the movie has all kinds of fun Guns that do all kinds of things and one is a Shrink Ray Gun. This is a fun game you can play outside on a hot day. Give each guest a Water Gun

(Shrink Ray Gun) – You can find many inexpensive ones and if you write their names on it with permanent marker they can take it home as part of their Party Favor. On go they must run and try and get each other wet. If a guest has been hit then they must Shrink – Kneel Down or Lay Down where they got hit and they are out. Keep playing until all your guest have been Shrunk but one.

Gru Says – We all know that in the movie Gru has an Army of Minions working for him, so to play off of that you can play Gru Says. Playing this game just like Simon Says, but Simon is Gru and the Party Guests are the Minions. You can be Gru or have the kids each take turns being him. Have all the Minions follow what Gru Says, but if they do not say Gru Says and they move – they are out. Keep playing until you have a Winning Minion.

Freeze Ray – Another fun Gun Gru has in the Movie is his Freeze Ray Gun and this Freezes any one he shoots. To play off of this play a little game of Tag with a twist. Break the guests up into two teams (Team Gru and Team Vector). To know who is on which team give them all Matching Bandanas or a Piece of Colored Material you can put on them.  Then on go each team must try and Tag a person from the other team and if they do that person must FREEZE in place. The only way to get un frozen is by having another one of their teammates tag them. Keep playing until one team is completely Frozen in place.

Musical Minions – Have some fun and play a Twist off the old game Musical Chairs, but instead they guests are playing Musical Minions. Set up your chairs and use your Despicable Me Music to get the game in action. See which one of your Minions will come out on top – or sitting in the last chair that is.

Story Time –  Have some fun sit the kids down and read them the book Gru read to the girls at Bedtime. The book is called Sleepy Kittens

and with any luck you get calm those kids right down – ya right – lol.

For your Despicable Me Birthday Cake there are a a couple easy options you can get the Despicable Me Gru vs. Vector Cake Topper

which comes with Gru in the plane, 3 Minion pics, and 1 Vector pic.  Gru cake topper measures approximately 3″ and your child can play with it after you are done with the cake!

You can also choose from one of the many Despicable Me Edible Cake Images

out there as well. They are a number of Design Choices to chose from and they can even be personalized with your own Message. They simply get place on top of your Cake and you can add some additional decorations or icing around the edges and you are done.

If you are looking to make some Despicable Me Cupcakes you can bake and frost some Cupcakes and add on some Despicable Me Cupcake Rings

that feature pictures of the movies Favorite Characters – Minions. There are 12 per Pack and there is also the Despicable Me Logo Ring. The kids get to lick off the frosting, wear and take home their rings.

My Favorite Find comes form Etsy Seller Goodies by Melissa who offers these Fondant Minions already made for us so we can create Minion Cupcakes.  How cool are these? She sells them in quantities of 12 with 2 of each expression shown in the photo to your left and right.

I think these are the cutest things ever and being I have not worked with Fondant myself it is great that someone else will make them for us. She also says they look perfect on a Red Frosted Cupcake with Silver Sprinkles and Silver Foil Wrappers and seeing the picture I say she is right!!! Minions aren’t her only specialty – she does lots of Fondant Cupcake Toppers so check out her awesome selection.

Want to do something a little different? Then maybe you will like my Minion Twinkie Cakes. I had this idea in my head from the first time I saw these Minions that they looked like Twinkies. So when I started writing this page I stopped midway went to the store and created my Minion Twinkie Cakes. You can see how they are created Step by Step Here: How to Make Descpicable Me Minion Twinkie Cakes.

They are not that hard to make and not only do they look good – they taste good too.

One more Fun Treat that I am so excited to share with you are these Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat Minions. These Treats are all Handmade Fresh to Order  – they are also HUGE in size weighing in at 3-4 Ounces each. Each one is individually wrapped in a Clear Bag and they come on a Stick. These make the perfect Party Favor to send the kids home with. Attach a Thank You Tag and maybe a Drink and you have yourself one cool Despicable Me Party Favor.

For More Information and to Order Visit my Website: The Party Animal

I also have photos showing just how big they are – so come take a look.

Some other Despicable Me Party Favors Ideas I like would be to send the kids home with a Book. There are many Despicable Me Books

on the market to chose from and you can feel good about sending the kids home with that. Pair it up with the Rice Kripsy Treat above along with a Drink and they have a Good Read and a snack for after the party to enjoy.

You can also find a variety of Despicable Me Party Favors

on Ebay like Despicable Me Loot Bags, Despicable Me Stickers etc…

Just send the kids home with a Usable Favor vs. Bags of Candy and Junk – Parents will Thank You.

Well I hope this helped you in planning your Despicable Me Birthday Party and if you have any ideas I may have missed add them to the Comments below and I will add them on. Happy Party Planning !!!


14 Responses to “Despicable Me Birthday Party”
  1. Christina says:

    I was looking for Despicable Me party favors/ideas and came across this site the other day..I looked up the party invitations on eBay and I loveddd this one seller’s named funinvites…looks like they’re new to eBay but did an excellent job and it was very high quality. If you want to see which one I picked you should check it out..I chose design#3 for my daughter. They have about 12 different party invitation ticket designs and they’re so cute!! Thanks for the post it was helpful during my planning process!

  2. I just looked at them and you are right – absolutely adorable invites. Have a great party.

  3. Kayla says:

    THANK YOU for the great ideas!! My son’s 1st bday party will be a great success thanks to you!!

  4. Awww Thanks so much – I would love to see some pics if you like to share. You can email them to thepartyanimal [at] comcast [dot] net

  5. Chelsea says:

    I was having such a hard time finding anything Despicable Me in the party stores. Thanks so much!


    I cannot find Despicable Me party supplies anywhere…such as plates, cups and party hats. the rest of the stuff I plan on making by hand.

  7. Try looking on Ebay you may find them on there

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