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Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume

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With Disney’s newest Movie Tangled coming to theaters November 2010 it seems there is no waiting for the merchandise to hit the markets. This Tangled Rapunzel Costume is out before the movie even hits theaters just in time for Halloween.  I think many little girls would love to dress up as Rapunzel with that long hair she is so known for that also has Magical Powers.

This costume is not just for Halloween either – it is great for Dress up time or anytime your little girl wants to feel like a Magical Princess. It is even perfect if you are throwing her a Tangled Birthday Party Theme where she can wear it and greet her guests dressed as Rapunzel herself. How fun would that be?

The Tangled Rapunzel Costume you see pictured to the left is the Official Disney Costume and has that Disney Quality. You will also find others available as well, but I love how the Disney Costumes are made. Save yourself some money if you are taking a trip to Disney World and bring the costume with you. Trust Me I have purchased a Disney Costume in the park once and it was so expensive !!!

Official Costume Description from Disney:

Sparkling images from the movie Tangled trim the shimmering organza skirt of this authentic Disney Rapunzel Costume with magical style. The glittering bodice features a lace-up ribbon and a jeweled Rapunzel cameo. Coordinates with the Tangled Rapunzel Wand, Shoes and Hair Piece, each sold separately. (The Shoes and the Wand Light Up – BONUS !!!)


6 Responses to “Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume”
  1. That hairpiece is darling. I love how the circle part of the braid can easily fit on any little girls head and it looks so natural. I think this costume is going to be a big hit come halloween. Thanks for sharing.
    — Barb

  2. I like the hair piece too !!!

  3. Robin says:

    What girl doesn’t want to be a princess like Rapunzel and this dress seem to be the ultimate clothing for a disney princess.

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