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Disney’s Cars 2 Birthday Party Theme

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The New Disney Cars 2 Movie is going to be back on the big screen this summer in June.  Kids will love to celebrate their birthday with a Cars Party Theme and I have lots of ideas to help you with your planning.

I have a big list of must see movies this summer with the kids and of course this is one of them. How can you not love any of Disney’s Movies. Seems like just yesterday we all fell in love with Lightening McQueen and Mater, but believe it or not that was 5 years ago. Now they are traveling overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world’s fastest car. Of course this trip will not come with out a lot of funny adventures and I can not wait for the laughs this movie will bring – are ya with me? I bet you are, but for now lets talk Party Planning.

Start the party off with one of these Cars Party Invitations that can be found on Ebay. With a very large variety of design choices the hardest part will be choosing which one to go with. Personally I love the Cars Ticket Style Invitations being this party is based around a movie and you will also find Cars VIP Pass Invites as well as your normal styles.

All of these can be personalized with your party info and in a lot of cases printed right from your printer at home. So no worries to you last minute party planners.

Also just released are the Disney Cars 2 Party Supplies featuring Lightening McQueen and Mater as the focus, but of course some of the other popular movie cars are also on them too.  You can also mix and match these with Solid Paper Goods and then add in lots of Checkered Racing Flag designs too.

One thing that I think kids will love at the party is the Lightening McQueen Cardboard Stand Up. Not only would it look cool at the party as part of the decor, BUT it also makes for a great photo op with the kids. The best part is that the birthday child’s gets to keep it after the party to put in their rooms so it is an extra bonus they will love.

When it comes to decorating for your Cars Party you will find no lack in Cars Party Supplies available to do it with. Between the items from the first movie and now the second you can really spend a ton of money. Try to keep the decorating to a minimum and save for your Games, Activities, Favors and the Food.

Cars Party Food Ideas

I always say when it comes to party food to keep it simple, parties are not the time to get kids to eat exotic foods. A Cars Party is easy – I would serve up food you may find at a Race Track Concession Stand. And if you want to have fun just change the names up to go along with your theme. Make sure to hang a sign above your food table that reads “Pit Stop”

  • Lightening McQueen Hot Rods (Hot Dogs)
  • Mater Burgers
  • Finn Fries (French Fries)
  • Whitewall Tire Cookies (tutorial Available)
  • Traffic Light Brownies
  • Donuts for Spare Tires
  • Drinks – Fuel/Oil
  • Pretzel Rods – Dip Sticks (You can even Dip part of the Pretzel into Chocolate)

You get the idea….

Cars Party Games and Activities

Red, Light, Green Light 1…2…3 – This Classic game is perfect for this party and the kids love it.  You will find the direction for this game on my Classic Party Games Page.

Mater’s Tow Race – Play this game as you would the Wheel Barrel Race. Each team will have 2 players. One player will stand and hold the feet of the other player who will walk with their hands in front of them. Set up a Start and Finish Line. Line up all the teams at the starting position and on go they must get to the Finish, once there then the teams must switch positions and make their way back to the original start – first team back wins !!!

Tire Toss Game – If you have the ability to get an old Tire to use for this game that would be perfect. If not you can make one using Heavy Poster Board and make sure to cut out the middle. Now either Hang your Tire from a Tree or lean it up so that the back is open so the kids can toss items threw the hole. Let the kids have fun tossing items and seeing if they can get it threw the Hole. You can use Matchbox Cars, Balls or anything you think would work for you.

World Grand Prix – If you can gather up enough Cardboard Boxes for each of the party guests you can have them all create their very own Race Cars. Have them do this by using Markers, Crayons, Stickers, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Plastic Cups for Headlights, Paper Plates for Tires and any other recycled items or craft supplies you may have around. Now you can pre-cut the boxes ahead of time so that the kids just have to decorate them to make things easier. Allow some time for this – the kids will have a lot of fun with it. Make sure they give their cars cools names too.

Once their Cars are all done then it is time to race. Set up your Starting and Finish Lines Have them get in their cars, way a Checkered Flag and let the race begin. Who will win the Grand Prix? You can also have a Car Show etc… The best part is the kids can take the cars home as part of their party favors.

Flo’s V8 Cafe Game –  Break the party guests into 2 teams. Line them up and on one end of each team have a bucket filled with Water (pretend Gasoline) and on the opposite end have a clean empty Milk or Water Jug with a funnel in the top. Give a sponge to the guest closest to the Bucket of Water and on Go they must soak up water and pass it down the line and the last person must squeeze the sponge into the funnel and start filling the Jug up. Then they pas the sponge back and this continues until one team fills their jug all the way up with the Water (pretend Gasoline).

Tractor Tipping Game – The kids can play this as they would play Freeze Tag, but instead of the child Freezing in place when they are tagged they must fall over and lay down until another person tags them to get up. Directions for this game can also be found on my Classic Party Games Page.

Pit Stop Games – Create a Pit Stop where the kids can do some different activities. You can have some Screws in a Piece of wood and give them screwdrivers to take them out. Have some bolts available and they have to take them off of some Screws or put them on them. Maybe they can sort Nuts and Bolts. Use an old tire and have them push it around cones etc…

Tire Fishing – Create this game by making Tires from Poster Board and then attach a paper clip to the end of each one. Use a wooden dowel for your fishing pole with string tied to it and at the end a magnet. Let the kids go fishing for tires. You can even have numbers on the tires so which ever one they pick up can coordinate to a special prize.

There are also a lot of Cars Party Games available to purchase such as; Disney’s Cars 2 Scavenger Hunt Party Game, Disney’s Cars 2 Treasure Tower Game, Race Car Bean Bag TossDisney Cars Interactive Party Game with Sounds, Disney’s World of Cars Party Game – Just to name a few.

And of course there are tons of Race Car Craft Kits to choose from as well.

Oh and more idea – this Cars Bingo Game. These personalized Bingo Cards are ready to print right from home on a 8.5″ x 11″ sized paper. Cards are only sold in sets of ten. If you need more than 10 cards, you can purchase additional sets, which are all unique so no two cards are alike.  For example, if you need 30 bingo cards, you will need to order 3 sets. The file also includes the “caller cards” and the instructions for playing the game. I have used these myself in the past and I give them 2 Thumbs up !!

Cars Birthday Cake & Cupcake Ideas

If you are looking for something easy for your Cars Birthday Cake there is a Cars 2 Birthday Cake Topper available that you just place on the top of your frosted cake. It does not get any easier than that. Best part about it is that the birthday child can keep the toys to play with later. You can also purchase one of the many Cars Edible Cake Images available that can be personalized with your Child’s name or you can get creative and bake a Lightening McQueen Cake using the Disney’s Cars Cake Pan


For me I am all about the Cupcakes. I like that you do not have to cut them up and everyone gets the same amount and it is one less thing for us parents to deal with. So I created these FREE Printable Cars 2 Cupcake Toppers that you are welcome to use. All you need to do is Print them out on Heavy Card Stock, Cut and attach a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and stick into your baked and frosted Cupcakes. I have created 20 different Cars Cupcake Toppers featuring the kids favorite Cars Characters along with some of the newest ones they will meet in the new movie. I did mention they were FREE right? Gotta Love FREE !!

Other ideas for your Cars Cupcakes are the Cars Cupcake Rings, Edible Cars Cupcake Images, Place some of the Cars Toys on the top of each one, add Checkered Flags or use Checkered Flag Cupcake Liners – the ideas are really endless.

I do have to mention the Mater Cupcake pictured to the left – these are pretty simple to make and they are adorable. You can find Step by Step Directions for this cupcake here at Disney’s I am such a Mater Fan !!!

Cars Party Favor Ideas

When it comes to the Party Favors I am a big fan of sending the kids home with usable items and one of my favorites are books. There are tons of Disney Cars Books on the market for all reading levels and they would make a great favor to send home with the kids. They are also inexpensive and you will feel good about what you are sending the kids home with.

Of course you can also add in some other fun items too such as Cars Stickers or Tattoos, Racing Cars, Disney’s Cars 2 Rubber Bandz Bracelets, Cars 2 Passport Sticker Book etc…

I love the idea of adding in a Construction Cone Cup and some fresh baked Cookies to go along with the theme. This way they have a great Book to read, a cool Cup for a Drink and a snack to go along with it.

I hope I have given you some good inspiration to help with planning your Disney Cars Birthday Party. This movie is going to be another BIG hit with the kids and there are tons of New Cars Characters in this Cars 2 Movie the kids are going to fall in love with – wait to you see them all.

Again as I said in my post – there is no lack of Cars Party Supplies or Cars Movie Merchandise out there so I think this party will be very easy to go over budget on – so be careful and plan it out and stay within your Budget. Keep it Simple and focus more on entertaining the kids and having fun !!

If you have or have had a Cars Party and would like to share your photos or ideas I would love to hear about it – just Contact Me and I will share them with my readers !!


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    I love those safety cone cups! So cute! Great job!

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